Fisker Expands European Footprint with Three Launches

Fisker Inc., a leading manufacturer of sustainable electric vehicles, has announced its expansion into three new European markets: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. This move comes after successful launches in several other European nations, as well as Canada and the United States, with deliveries ongoing in all these regions.

Why It Matters

Expansion into these European markets highlights Fisker’s commitment to strengthening its global presence. As Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker articulated, “Creating a robust early presence in Europe has always been one of our top priorities. Our aspiration is to make Fisker vehicles available globally, and this is a significant step towards that goal.”

Key Points

  • New Markets Added: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.
  • Ordering Platform: Customers in these new markets can reserve and order the Fisker Ocean via country-specific websites.
  • Service and Support: Residents of the newly added countries will benefit from the same direct-sales model as those in existing European markets, supplemented by comprehensive service and sales support.
  • Retail Strategy: Fisker plans to establish Lounge locations, delivery, and service centers in or near major cities within these markets.
  • Product Lineup: Fisker’s current and upcoming vehicles include:
    • Fisker Ocean: Already being delivered in several regions.
    • Fisker PEAR: A crossover targeting city residents, an anticipated base price of $29,900 USD.
    • Fisker Rönin: A super GT convertible in development, boasting a projected 1,000 horsepower, with an expected base price of $385,000 USD. (Specifications subject to change).

Bottom Line

Fisker’s strategic expansion into Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland underscores its mission to provide emotional and sustainable electric vehicles worldwide. With the same high-quality direct-sales model and comprehensive support, residents in these new markets can anticipate a seamless Fisker experience.


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