Growing Demand for Home EV Chargers in the UK Reflects Increased Sustainable Living Trends

In 2023, a surge in home EV charging installations across the UK reveals a move toward greener lifestyles and substantial savings on EV-friendly electricity tariffs.

What’s Happening:

Across the UK, residents are shifting towards a greener lifestyle, increasingly adopting home electric vehicle charging installations. According to Smart Home Charge, a renowned home charge point installer, there has been robust growth in interest for home EV charger installations in all regions of the UK throughout 2023.

Why It Matters:

This trend indicates a significant development as drivers recognize the benefits of EVs and adjust to a lifestyle that embraces charging-savvy habits. Notably, the inquiries for home EV charger installations surged by 63 percent from Q4 2022 to Q1 2023. This surge highlights how an increasing number of UK drivers are eager to save on charging costs, explore EV-friendly electricity tariffs, and lead a more sustainable life.

Key Points:

Total sales for home charge point installations across the UK also increased, marking a rise of 23 percent in the first quarter of 2023. The East Midlands led the growth, recording a massive increase of 105 percent in home EV charger installations from January to March 2023. By the end of March, nearly 1,000 installations were recorded, indicating that more UK residents are investing in home charging solutions for their EVs, driven by the convenience and cost-effectiveness of home charging.

Bottom Line:

The implementation of clean air zones in recent years has reshaped driving behavior in the UK, with drivers keen on protecting their assets and reducing their environmental impact by switching to electric vehicles. Danny Morgan, Editor at Smart Home Charge, voiced his encouragement at seeing growth in inquiries and installations for home charge points across all UK areas. He noted that EVs could diminish local air pollution and ease the financial burden for drivers who opt for home charge point installations and EV-friendly electricity tariffs. With EV tariffs offering cheaper off-peak electricity rates and smart home charge points enabling optimal use of these tariffs, the cost of home charger installation can be recovered within 12-18 months. For instance, an ID.5 could potentially save up to £704 annually in-home charging costs through the installation of a dedicated home charge point and the switch to an EV-friendly tariff.


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