HiPhi Y: China’s Premium EV Brand Unveils Next-Generation Mid-Size SUV

What’s Happening

HiPhi, the best-selling premium EV brand in China, has officially unveiled its latest model, the HiPhi Y, at a global event in Shanghai. The event attracted the attention of media representatives, VIPs, and current HiPhi users and was presided over by HiPhi’s Founder, David Ding. The introduction of the HiPhi Y expands the company’s current lineup, which includes the X ‘Super SUV’ and Z ‘Digital GT’.

Why It Matters

HiPhi’s newest model, the HiPhi Y, is a mid-size SUV that continues the LuxTech philosophy that defines the brand’s X and Z models. With groundbreaking features such as second-generation no-touch automatic wing-opening doors, a HiPhi Bot robotic arm-mounted infotainment screen, and active all-wheel-steering, the HiPhi Y represents a bold leap forward in EV design and technology.

HiPhi Y: China's Premium EV Brand Unveils Next-Generation Mid-Size SUV

Key Points

The HiPhi Y will be available in four different versions: Flagship, Long Range, Elite, and Pioneer. The Long Range model features a 115kWh battery, delivering a remarkable single-charge range of up to 810km (CLTC). The standard battery option provides up to 560km (CLTC) of range. The Y features either a four-wheel, dual-motor configuration with a peak power of 371kW or a rear-wheel-drive, single-motor variant with a peak power of 247kW.

To augment the driving experience, the HiPhi Y incorporates advanced suspension systems and a chassis integrated control system for optimal body control. The interior boasts three advanced screens, a HiPhi Box high-performance computer equipped with a Qualcomm 8250 chip, and a Meridian™ Audio System with up to 25 speakers.

Bottom Line

HiPhi is making a significant impact on the premium EV market with the launch of the HiPhi Y. This high-tech, mid-size SUV with a range of innovative features and state-of-the-art technologies is now available for order in China, with deliveries to European customers anticipated to commence in 2024. The HiPhi Y exemplifies the brand’s commitment to luxury, performance, and cutting-edge design in the evolving electric vehicle sector.


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