HORSE Begins Electronics Box Production

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HORSE, a global leader in powertrain systems, launched the production of its Power Electronics Box (PEB) at its Aveiro facility in Portugal. This key component, essential for the operation of hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, signifies a pivotal shift in HORSE’s manufacturing capabilities toward advanced electronic components. The PEB integrates crucial functionalities such as power inversion, conversion, control, and cooling into one sophisticated unit. This innovative assembly line not only reflects the company’s commitment to advanced manufacturing technologies but also its adherence to Industry 4.0 standards.

Key Highlights

  • Production Capacity: HORSE’s new assembly line is set to produce 60,000 units this year, with expectations to increase to 230,000 units annually by 2025.
  • Advanced Features: The PEB includes a power inverter/converter, DC/DC converter, control electronics, and cooling systems, all designed to enhance vehicle performance and safety.
  • Strategic Location: The Aveiro plant, known for its industrial excellence, adds electronic component production to its repertoire, further diversifying its manufacturing capabilities.
  • Innovative Technology: The production line incorporates full digitalization and state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 technology, positioning HORSE at the forefront of the automotive industry.
HORSE Begins Electronics Box Production

Production at Aveiro

Chosen for its remarkable track record in manufacturing excellence, Aveiro now ventures into electronic components, making it a cornerstone in HORSE’s strategic expansion. “The start of Power Electronic Box production in Aveiro marks a significant milestone as it signifies the transition towards electronic component manufacturing for HORSE in Portugal,” stated Patrice Haettel, CEO of HORSE.

The Aveiro plant, with a dedicated workforce of 1,300, is celebrated for its technical prowess and strategic location. According to Raynald Joly, Plant Director, “This new production along with our ongoing transformation plan will confirm the status of HORSE Aveiro as a new innovative technology business unit for and beyond the automotive industry.”

HORSE: A Leader in Innovative Powertrain Solutions

HORSE’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident across its global operations. With a portfolio that includes highly efficient, low-emission powertrain systems, HORSE continues to lead in meeting the modern demands of power generation. The company’s proactive approach to R&D and technology integration has established it as a formidable entity in the automotive sector, geared towards future growth and technological advancements.

HORSE’s initiation of PEB production in Aveiro not only boosts its production capacity but also strengthens its position as a leading provider of innovative and sustainable powertrain solutions globally. This development is a testament to HORSE’s strategic foresight and commitment to maintaining technological leadership in the industry.

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