INEOS Automotive and Magna Collaborate on New Electric 4X4 Vehicle

What’s Happening: INEOS Automotive announced its partnership with Magna, a leading automotive supplier, to develop an all-new electric 4X4 vehicle. This follows INEOS Automotive’s confirmation of a zero-emission model line in May 2022.

Why It Matters: The new electric 4X4 will provide a unique proposition for customers, offering world-class off-road capability without compromising on-road comfort or performance. This environmentally friendly vehicle supports the growing demand for sustainable transportation options.

Key Points:

  • The new electric 4X4 will be smaller than INEOS Automotive’s Grenadier model, boasting zero emissions.
  • INEOS previously worked with Magna on series engineering and development for the Grenadier station wagon and pick-up models.
  • Production of the new 4X4 is set to begin at Magna’s Graz, Austria facility in 2026.
  • The development process will include rigorous testing on Austria’s Schöckl mountain, near Magna’s assembly facility.
  • Magna is one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers and independent contract manufacturers, producing various models for different automakers.

Bottom Line: The collaboration between INEOS Automotive and Magna marks a significant step in expanding INEOS’s global automotive brand, leveraging Magna’s expertise to bring a cutting-edge electric 4X4 to the market. This partnership demonstrates both companies’ commitment to innovation and sustainability, catering to the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation alternatives.


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