IRVINE, Calif. – Karma Automotive is the latest OEM to join the MIH Consortium. The Consortium’s mission is to facilitate cooperation in the electric vehicle sector, developing next-generation e-Mobility technologies, establishing testing and certification standards, and bringing alliance partners together. This complementary expertise further supports the goals of improved user experience as well as cost reductions and expedition of development cycles. This will truly enable the transformation of the electric vehicle industry.

“With enthusiasm we welcome Karma Automotive to MIH Consortium,” said Jack Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of MIH Consortium. “Karma’s dedication, experience, and capabilities in manufacturing and engineering, aligns with our goal to assemble strategic partners to develop and define the next generation of EVs, autonomous driving, and mobility service applications. The foundation of MIH is built on collaborations, and I am confident that Karma’s participation in our Working and Interest groups, will be of great benefit for our larger member network.”

Karma Automotive has been a leader in advanced engineering technologies and integration in the EV industry since its incorporation a decade ago. This is especially true when it comes to the series hybrid (EREV) powertrain system used in the Revero GT and GS-6 vehicles. Karma’s mission is to create technologically-advanced luxury vehicles with class-leading safety features and exceptional design.

“At Karma Automotive we are delighted to collaborate with MIH Consortium,” said Jeff Wawrzyniak, Chief Administrative Officer at Karma Automotive. “This alliance represents our solid commitment to explore inclusive technologies with respect to vehicle electrification and e-mobility enablers, and it is a testament to Karma’s position in the global stage as an e-mobility company. We share MIH Consortium’s vision of a sustainable future where standardized key components and technologies become available for the masses. We are also excited to actively contribute to the MIH working groups and participate in MIH’s events.”