Link Engineering Company Expands E-Driveline Testing Capabilities

Plymouth, MI – Link Engineering Company has expanded its laboratory testing capabilities with additional e-driveline testing machines. As a leading testing equipment and services provider, Link Engineering is committed to offering customized solutions for electric vehicle testing needs. The new machines will be able to test up to Class 6 vehicles, adding to the company’s already impressive capabilities from component level to full vehicle testing.

One of Link’s key offerings is its E-Mobility Driveline test systems. These systems provide a broad range of motor measurement and characterization capability, using a high-performance axle dynamometer and an array of precision instrumentation to analyze electric motor drive systems. The test systems can be operated either manually or automatically to perform a sequence of automated tests and measurements. With the ability to test from passenger cars to Class 6 vehicles, Link Engineering is the premier resource for comprehensive electric vehicle testing.

Link Engineering’s machines offer numerous benefits to customers, including small component level testing for both non-automotive and automotive applications, as well as driveline test beds for passenger cars and up to Class 6 trucks. Durability, efficiency, performance, and NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) testing are also provided, along with customer, custom, and R&D drive cycle development. Additionally, the machines are environmentally friendly, able to test in varying temperatures and humidity levels and to measure corrosion or slurry. The low inertia system targets high performance and dynamic testing, making it a valuable resource for many testing needs.

Link Engineering Company’s expansion of its e-driveline testing capabilities is a significant step forward in developing customized testing solutions for electric vehicles. As electric vehicle technology continues to evolve, Link Engineering remains committed to providing advanced testing equipment and services to help ensure the safety and efficiency of these vehicles.


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