Magnachip Launches Mass Production of 40V MXT MOSFET for Automotive Energy Recovery Systems

Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation has initiated mass production of their new 40V MXT MOSFET, a vital component in automotive energy recovery systems. This device significantly enhances efficiency and fuel economy while minimizing emissions.

What’s Happening

Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation, popularly known as “Magnachip,” disclosed today that the firm has commenced mass production of its novel 40V MXT Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET) for use in automotive energy recovery systems. This high-efficiency product is already deployed in the vehicles of a prominent global automaker.

Why It Matters

Automotive energy recovery systems capture and store kinetic energy during the braking phase, which is later employed to power vehicle features such as air conditioning or audio systems. This mechanism enhances fuel economy and diminishes emissions, delivering a greener, more efficient driving experience. Magnachip’s new MOSFET plays an essential role in achieving these benefits.

Key Points

The 40V MXT MOSFET (AMDU040N014VRH) is constructed with a Power Dual Flat No-lead (PDFN) 56 package that incorporates an advanced design of the core cells and terminations. This design enables an RDS(on) as low as 1.4mΩ, further boosting the efficiency of kinetic energy recovery. Additionally, a guaranteed operating junction temperature of up to 175°C and superior avalanche ruggedness contribute to improved power density and efficiency in energy recovery systems.

In comparison to other 40V MOSFET products designed with a Decawatt Package (DPAK), the size of Magnachip’s new MOSFET has been decreased by nearly 80% due to the application of the PDFN56 package. Given its wide use in the automotive industry, this compact product is ideally suited for diverse applications, including reverse voltage protection circuits and brushless direct current motors of internal combustion engines, as well as regenerative braking systems of electric vehicles.

Bottom Line

Magnachip’s CEO, YJ Kim, expressed his pleasure at offering “another innovative automotive power solution,” which is entirely AEC – Q101 qualified for its performance and stability. He affirmed Magnachip’s commitment to developing superior products to meet the evolving needs of the automotive market. This latest production milestone underscores the company’s innovative tradition and dedication to technological excellence.


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