Metis Engineering Unveils Cell Guard, A Groundbreaking Battery Health Sensor for EVs and Energy Storage Systems

What’s Happening

Metis Engineering has introduced Cell Guard, an innovative battery safety sensor designed to transform battery health monitoring for electric vehicles (EVs) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS). The cutting-edge sensor offers unparalleled accuracy and detailed information on the health of lithium-ion battery packs, enhancing longevity and detecting early signs of catastrophic battery failure, significantly lowering the risk of thermal runaway.

Why It Matters

Current battery cell monitoring systems (BMS) primarily offer temperature and voltage sensors. Cell Guard, however, monitors a variety of environmental parameters, including VOCs, pressure change, humidity, dew point, and an optional accelerometer to record shock loads. The comprehensive data can be cross-checked with other inputs to detect cell venting, which helps prevent thermal runaway. The sensor also offers a programmable pin that can control a relay if a threshold is reached.

Key Points

  • Cell Guard’s accelerometer can monitor shock loads up to 24G and impact duration, reducing costly scrappage.
  • The sensor can revolutionize the used EV market by providing buyers with valuable information on battery pack condition and maintenance, as well as greater insight into repurposing and recycling batteries, and assisting in insurance claims.
  • Cell Guard can monitor dew point in the battery pack, triggering a warning before condensation forms on battery terminals, which could lead to shorting and thermal incidents.
  • According to Joe Holdsworth, Managing Director at Metis Engineering, Cell Guard is up to ten times cheaper than alternative options.

Bottom Line

With Cell Guard, Metis Engineering is redefining the standard for advanced battery health monitoring in EVs and Energy Storage Systems. By increasing safety, reducing risk, and offering unprecedented insight into battery condition, the sensor provides peace of mind for EV drivers and ESS manufacturers, potentially promoting the wider adoption of electric vehicles and Energy Storage Systems.


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