MINI at 64: Pioneering Electric Urban Mobility

The iconic MINI brand, renowned for 64 years for pioneering urban mobility, is now championing locally emission-free driving while retaining its unique emotional connection with drivers.

Why It Matters

On August 26, 1959, Sir Alec Issigonis launched the first classic Mini. This was not just a car but a revolutionary concept: maximized interior space within minimal exterior dimensions, room for four, unparalleled driving dynamics, efficient fuel consumption, and affordability. The fundamental ideas behind the original Mini continue to shape its modern descendants, ensuring that whether it’s the MINI 3-door or the MINI Convertible, at heart, it’s always a MINI.

Key Points

  • The MINI brand underwent a transformation with the introduction of the New MINI in 2001, emphasizing that enduring concepts stay relevant.
  • 2008 marked a significant shift for MINI when they launched the MINI E, a bold step toward fossil fuel-independent mobility.
  • In 2017, MINI took another stride with the MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4, their first model featuring a plug-in hybrid drive system, offering the promise of electric, emission-free mobility and sporty agility.
  • 2019 saw the introduction of the MINI Cooper SE, setting new standards in urban mobility with its powerful electric motor and agility.
  • Making history, the MINI Cooper SE Convertible stands as the world’s premier emission-free premium convertible in the compact car segment.

Bottom Line

Consistency and innovation define MINI. As the brand moves towards an all-electric model range, fans can eagerly anticipate unveiling the first two members of the next-gen MINI family at the IAA in Munich from September 5-10, 2023. After 64 years, MINI is not just reminiscing about its illustrious past but also ensuring its future shines even brighter.


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