B—ON’s proprietary process guides customers through holistic electrification; partnership with Hitachi to power charging and energy management

LUXEMBOURG – Odin Automotive S.à r.l., an automotive holding company led by global automotive experts, announced in a live press conference that the company has rebranded to B—ON and launched an entire suite of electrification services, powered by a partnership with global technology giant Hitachi Group. B—ON is solving the electrification equation for last-mile transportation, offering fleet owners higher uptime with less hassle, so that they can spend less time on setup and more time just being on.

Fleet owners know they need to electrify, but today, the process is so fragmented, decentralized, and unfriendly to handle that most don’t even know where to begin. That’s why B—ON was created, to provide a radically simpler, stress-free, and more fun path to give fleet owners everything they need to solve their problems with last-mile transportation through one simple, all-inclusive process. The company’s full scope of solutions provides customers with everything they need to electrify, including proven electric vehicles, smart delivery tools & reusable packaging, subscription access, service & maintenance, energy infrastructure & charging management, telematics & fleet management software, and even driver-focused solutions that make delivery jobs cool and fun again—all through one point of contact at B—ON.

“B—ON is so much more than just a name—it is a modern, living brand that is never static and always moving, dynamically communicating with our audience and actively inviting them to BE ON the journey with us to a cleaner future,” said Gernot Friedhuber, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for the company. “We took brand creation way beyond just skin deep and designed our identity so that everything about us pulls the customer into the center of a meaningful ecosystem for change.”

The new services will be provided via a combination of internal capabilities and external partnerships, including key cooperation with global technology leader Hitachi Group, who will support critical charging and energy management functions for B—ON customers in Europe and Asia. Additionally, Hitachi’s venture capital arm, Hitachi Ventures, has come on board as one of B—ON’s major investment partners.

“Acquiring StreetScooter earlier this year gave us a great head start, providing the vehicle piece of our complete electrification solution,” says Stefan Krause, CEO and Chairman of B—ON. “And now, we’re very excited and honored to be able to bring on a partner like Hitachi to support the service piece of our plan. We feel this entire holistic solution is the key that will finally open the door for fleet owners to make this change for good.”

“Hitachi Ventures is committed to supporting key initiatives driving society’s transformation to carbon net-zero. B—ON’s vision of a world where last-mile transportation works for people and planet is perfectly in line with our own and made them a natural strategic choice for us,” said Tobias Jahn, Partner at Hitachi Ventures. “Their proven product, the expert team behind it, and the insightful holistic business model are a unique and unbeatable combination for accelerating the electrification of commercial fleets worldwide.”


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