onsemi to Provide Kempower with EliteSiC MOSFETs and Diodes for EV Chargers

What’s Happening

Intelligent power and sensing technologies leader, onsemi, has announced a new strategic agreement under which it will supply Kempower with its advanced EliteSiC MOSFETs and diodes. These will be integrated into Kempower’s scalable electric vehicle (EV) chargers, bolstering the suite of EV charging solutions provided by the company. The EliteSiC devices are set to be incorporated in the Active AC-DC front-end and in the primary and secondary DC-DC converters.

Why It Matters

The incorporation of onsemi’s EliteSiC MOSFET technology into Kempower’s EV charging solutions will enhance power, performance, and reliability. The EliteSiC power devices, characterized by their low ON resistance and minimal gate and output capacitance, exhibit reduced power losses at high operating frequencies. This leads to an increase in system efficiency and a decrease in end system size, ultimately yielding higher power density and superior reliability for Kempower’s EV charging solutions.

Key Points

Kempower’s chief engineer, Petri Korhonen, has expressed confidence in the onsemi EliteSiC power devices, citing their ability to improve efficiency and reduce the size and weight of Kempower’s EV charging solutions. He also praised onsemi’s vertically integrated supply chain and broad portfolio of intelligent power solutions as crucial to their ability to continue delivering top-tier EV charging solutions to the market.

Under the strategic agreement, Kempower will be integrating the latest EliteSiC D3 diode and M3S MOSFETs into its EV charging solutions. These chargers are equipped with a dynamic load balancing feature, ensuring maximum power distribution and an optimal charging experience for drivers. Kempower’s cloud-connected and scalable charging solutions afford the modularity needed by fleet and charging point operators to scale their systems in sync with demand.

Bottom Line

The advanced manufacturing capabilities and resilient SiC supply chain of onsemi assure Kempower of the delivery of high-quality products both now and in the future. Asif Jakwani, senior vice president and general manager of the Advanced Power Division at onsemi, emphasizes that the incorporation of these highly reliable power devices results in the dependable and durable EV chargers that Kempower and its customers expect. The strategic agreement between onsemi and Kempower signifies a significant step forward in the drive towards enhanced efficiency and reliability in the EV charging market.


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