Parkopedia and Simplenight Partner to Enhance In-Car Parking, Charging and Payment Options

What’s Happening: Parkopedia, a leading connected car services provider, has teamed up with Simplenight, a global enterprise booking platform, to offer drivers a comprehensive range of in-car parking, charging, and payment options.

Why It Matters: The partnership between Parkopedia and Simplenight enables drivers to reserve and pay for parking spaces from within their vehicles, with the added convenience of EV charging services planned for a future release. The collaboration offers auto manufacturers a simplified process for adding connected services to vehicles, providing drivers with innovative connected features that enhance their overall driving experience.

Key Points:

  • The partnership will provide global parking data covering both on- and off-street locations, making it easier for drivers to find available parking spaces.
  • Simplenight’s customizable platform enables real-time booking options across multiple categories, including dining, accommodation, attractions, events, fuel, parking, shopping, and more.
  • Parkopedia’s Park and Charge product combines a global database of parking and charging locations with an in-car Payment Platform to simplify the process of finding and paying for parking and charging sessions.
  • The partnership aims to offer auto manufacturers an integrated and user-friendly parking, charging, and payment experience that complements their sophisticated in-car technology.

Bottom Line: The collaboration between Parkopedia and Simplenight marks a significant step forward in the evolution of connected car services. By providing drivers with a more comprehensive range of in-car parking, charging, and payment options, the partnership offers auto manufacturers the opportunity to enhance their customers’ driving experience, build customer loyalty, and increase revenue via transactional models.


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