PlugShare: Pioneering EV Community Surpasses 6.5 Million User Check-ins

PlugShare, a leading electric vehicle (EV) community, marks a significant milestone with over 6.5 million check-ins and a 40% increase in user base.

What’s Happening

PlugShare, renowned globally as a key player in the EV community and a subsidiary of EVgo Inc. since 2021, celebrates a landmark achievement as its platform registers more than 6.5 million user check-ins. Over the past year, the PlugShare user base has surged by over 40%, adding an impressive one million new users, bringing the total to over 3.5 million registered users worldwide. This burgeoning community of EV drivers contributes real-time, useful insights on more than 750,000 charging stations detailed on the platform.

Why It Matters

PlugShare’s expansion and user engagement mirror the accelerated momentum of EV adoption and demonstrate the essential nature of real-time EV charging data, driver reviews, and the unique features the platform offers. Tanvi Chaturvedi, CRO of EVgo, emphasized the crucial role of a consistent and seamless charging experience for the swelling population of new EV drivers. PlugShare’s users, she added, contribute greatly to fostering a robust EV community, both domestically and globally. Moreover, their insights significantly bolster EVgo’s efforts to maintain their network, ensuring the delivery of a top-tier customer experience.

Key Points

Internationally, the growth of EVs is skyrocketing. As per the International Energy Agency, EVs made up 14% of all new cars sold in 2022, a sharp rise from about 9% in 2021 and less than 5% in 2020. This growth is paralleled by the ongoing enlargement of the PlugShare community, which stands as the largest worldwide community of EV drivers. The multilingual PlugShare app, available in approximately 30 languages, allows users to share real-time updates about charging stations around the globe, thereby keeping fellow EV drivers informed.

PlugShare, leveraging millions of crowd-sourced check-ins and over 775,000 photos contributed by drivers, empowers users to share their personal charging experiences and access resources for trip planning. PlugShare’s unique PlugScore® rating system combines user reviews to produce a score reflecting the recent charging experiences at individual stations.

Bottom Line

The PlugShare app, accessible via web and on iOS, Apple Watch, and Android, equips registered users with the “Pay with PlugShare” feature to conveniently pay for and activate sessions on public charging stations directly within the app. It offers users the ability to filter results based on their preferred network, charging speed, or connector type (CCS, CHAdeMO, J-1772, Tesla), ensuring effortless location and navigation to chargers.


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