Polestar Partners with Ohme for EV Charging in Ireland

Polestar, the innovative electric vehicle (EV) brand, has officially selected Ohme as its recommended smart charger partner for the Irish market. Ohme, a prominent dynamic smart charging company with accolades to its name, will offer its award-winning technology to all of Polestar’s Irish customers, reinforcing their commitment to sustainable and efficient EV solutions.

Why It Matters

This collaboration underscores the rapid evolution and growth of the EV infrastructure in Ireland. David Watson, CEO at Ohme, expressed that their partnership with Polestar is a testament to their position as one of Ireland’s leading EV charging entities. The alignment with Ohme complements Polestar’s pursuit of luxury and efficiency in the electric vehicle market. Jonathan Goodman, Head of Polestar UK & Ireland, emphasized that the alignment of values and commitment to customer service makes Ohme the ideal choice for their Irish clientele.

Key Points

  • Ohme is headquartered in both Cork and London.
  • Ohme’s cutting-edge smart chargers are equipped with unique software, empowering drivers to harness off-peak tariff benefits for cost-effective charging.
  • A comparative analysis reveals that charging a Polestar 2 Long range Single motor, which boasts a 78kWh battery, with an Ohme smart charger during off-peak hours, in a yearly cost of approximately €216.60 for 10,000kms. This is a stark contrast to the €700.15 cost incurred using a Standard Tariff.
  • Recent accolades for Ohme include the “Fast Track Company of the Year” at the 2023 Green Business Awards and “Best Electric Charging Point Provider” by Business Motoring.

Bottom Line

The alliance between Polestar and Ohme exemplifies the ongoing commitment of industry leaders to foster growth in the EV market, ensuring customers are offered comprehensive, cost-effective, and advanced EV solutions. This partnership not only reinforces the strengths of both companies but also paves the way for a greener and more sustainable future in the automotive sector.


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