Porsche Taycan Electrifies Sydney

Porsche’s all-electric Taycan has landed in Australia, with a dramatic display in Sydney. Marking the beginning of a new era, it connects the brand’s history with an electric future.

An all-electric innovation that has racked up around 50 international awards, the Taycan is the sports car you’d expect from Porsche, and more. So, when it came to introducing a car this exciting to Australia, it deserved an equally dazzling debut.

Sydney’s stunning Darling Harbour recently played backdrop to an innovative water projection featuring the new all-electric Taycan. Over the course of one night, thousands of people enjoying their evening on the waterfront were enamoured and entertained by an eye-catching spectacle playing out over the harbour.

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High pressure jets created a 20-metre-wide cloud hovering above the waterline, with stunning visuals of the Taycan projected on to it, along with 3D-effects, neon colours and electricity crackling across the water. A coordinated soundtrack added to the atmosphere.

All of this was complemented by projections on the side of a nearby skyscraper, placing the Porsche Taycan firmly in the city.

The Taycan 4S, Turbo and Turbo S are now available to order via Porsche Centers around Australia, with the Porsche Car Configurator being live with local specifications and pricing.