PowerFlex Empowers Large-Scale Electrification through PowerFlex X, an Innovative EV Charging Management Software

What’s Happening

PowerFlex, a recognized leader in sustainable energy and electric vehicle (EV) technology, has announced its provision of software and support services for the electrification of a massive California-based EV fleet. The newly introduced software, PowerFlex X, is set to oversee and manage nearly 4,000 EV charging stations currently under construction. The intent is to bolster operational efficiency and curtail energy expenditure.

Why It Matters

The move marks a significant shift in the California utility sector, as the electric fleet is owned and operated by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). PG&E is one of the largest utilities in the U.S., providing natural gas and electricity to over 16 million residents across Northern and Central California. The company has pledged to electrify a substantial part of its fleet by 2030 as detailed in its Climate Strategy Report.

Key Points

Every EV charging site will feature an individual, secure onsite controller that will relay sensor data to the cloud, thereby optimizing the system for maximum performance. The PowerFlex X software also includes a customer portal for PG&E, offering real-time monitoring, historical reporting, alerts, and dashboards. These tools will help track energy savings, EV charging metrics, and greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions.

Notably, PowerFlex X incorporates intelligent Adaptive Load Management® (ALM) algorithms. These are designed to distribute and balance energy usage across EV charging networks, helping to counteract peaks in electricity demand. By adopting this grid-friendly charging approach, PG&E will be able to install up to four times more chargers compared to unmanaged charging with the same onsite power limit.

PowerFlex offers round-the-clock monitoring and guarantees 98% uptime for charging. Additional support services involve enrolling the EV charging sites in demand response events, like California’s Emergency Load Reduction Program, to bolster the grid’s health during peak summer electricity usage.

Bottom Line

“We are thrilled to offer the PowerFlex X platform for these EV fleet charging stations,” remarked Raphael Declercq, CEO of PowerFlex. “Our software platform presents unique benefits that cater to the burgeoning EV demand, while minimizing the impact on the existing grid. The PowerFlex team and our customers comprehend the significance of reliable fleet charging through sustainable methods for EV growth.”

The inaugural EVSE installation is slated for completion by the end of 2023, followed by a schedule of approximately one site installation per month. PowerFlex is thereby making an instrumental contribution to the expansion of EV infrastructure, supporting a sustainable future in California and beyond.


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