Renault Group and CEA Collaborate on Vehicle-to-Grid Technology Development

Boulogne-Billancourt – Renault Group and the CEA are collaborating on the development of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology, a bidirectional exchange system that will soon allow Renault vehicles to transfer part of the electricity stored in their batteries to the electricity grid. The goal of V2G is to improve the efficiency of the grid and to balance the inconsistent energy produced from renewable sources.

To achieve this, Renault Group and the CEA have created a new electronic power converter architecture that is directly integrated into the vehicle’s charger. This innovative design is the result of three years of research and 11 joint patents. The new design utilizes innovative materials, specifically wide band-gap semiconductors such as Gallium Nitride and Silicon Carbide, to reduce energy loss and improve charging time.

The new design also reduces the volume and cost of the charger by incorporating high-frequency ferrite materials and a compact shaping injection process called “Power Injection Molding”. With a charging capacity of up to 22kW, this new architecture allows for faster charging of the vehicle while ensuring the longevity of the battery. The design is also bidirectional, meaning that energy stored in the battery can be returned to the grid or used to power an autonomous house with a bidirectional meter.

The solution meets electromagnetic compatibility standards for both the electricity grid and the vehicle, making it a significant step towards the future deployment of V2G technology by the end of the decade. The CEA and Renault Group R&D teams have combined their expertise in the field of on-board power electronics, and the results of their collaboration promise to offer improved performance and greater efficiency.


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