StoreDot and VinES Partner to Develop Fast-Charging Battery Solutions for Electric Vehicles

What’s Happening: StoreDot, a leader in extreme fast-charging (XFC) high-energy battery solutions for electric vehicles, has entered into a joint development agreement with VinES, a transformative energy solution provider and a subsidiary of Vingroup, Vietnam’s largest private conglomerate. The collaboration is aimed at promoting advanced battery technology and preparing to introduce XFC battery solutions for the green mobility market, including VinFast’s smart electric vehicles.

Why It Matters: This partnership signifies a new milestone in cell technology development between StoreDot and VinES, helping both companies expand their capabilities in the electric vehicle battery sector. With the global push for electric vehicle adoption, developing faster-charging solutions is crucial for improving customer experience, reducing costs, and eliminating charging time anxiety.

Key Points:

  • StoreDot and VinES will collaborate on research, development, and offering XFC battery cells in various form factors in preparation for mass production and supply.
  • StoreDot will license and share its proprietary XFC technology, while VinES will contribute its know-how and experience in form factor development, manufacturing, validation, and global supply chain network.
  • The first generation of the XFC battery cell is expected to be commercially available in 2025 and immediately adopted by VinFast vehicles.
  • StoreDot’s ‘100inX’ strategic technology roadmap outlines three generations of silicon-dominant XFC, semi solid-state, and post-lithium architecture, with milestones set for 2024, 2028, and 2032.

Bottom Line: The partnership between StoreDot and VinES will leverage the combined expertise and resources of both companies to develop and commercialize innovative XFC battery solutions for electric vehicles. This collaboration will contribute to the acceleration of the electric vehicle revolution globally and help meet the increasing demand for faster-charging, more efficient batteries.


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