TeraWatt Initiates EV Charging Infrastructure Near LAX

On August 8, 2023, TeraWatt Infrastructure, a pioneer in delivering dependable electrified fleet charging networks, kicked off its groundbreaking ceremony in Inglewood, California. This marked the beginning of a new, advanced EV charging site tailored for light duty fleets within the vicinity of Los Angeles.

Why It Matters

This significant development serves as a beacon of a transformative period for sustainable light-duty fleet transportation. With the relentless thrust towards zero-emission vehicles, having a reliable charging station is critical. Situated just three miles from the bustling LAX zone, this site embodies a full-fledged charging resolution, complete with software and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services, courtesy of TeraWatt.

Key Points

  • The Inglewood charging site is under TeraWatt’s complete ownership, operation, and maintenance.
  • The site is projected to be up and running by early 2024.
  • Features will include 26 DC Fast Chargers and a designated building for driver amenities.
  • It has bagged a $1.9 million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) as part of the Charging Access for Reliable On-Demand Transportation Services (CARTS) initiative.
  • This grant aims to support ride-hail electrification in the LAX region.

Bottom Line

California’s aggressive strategies and policies, such as the Advanced Clean Cars II rule, are hastening urban transport electrification. With the rule enforcing the sale of exclusively zero-emission new light-duty passenger vehicles by 2035, infrastructure like TeraWatt’s is crucial. This charging infrastructure not only propels the movement towards sustainable commuting but is also pivotal in achieving California’s emission-free goal.

Neha Palmer, CEO and co-founder of TeraWatt, emphasized the company’s objective: “Our ambition revolves around furnishing an integrated charging solution, encompassing infrastructure and services, thereby enabling fleets to fast-track their electrification ventures.” The Inglewood site marks the dawn of multiple such infrastructure projects, pushing businesses towards a comprehensive eco-friendly transportation model.


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