Tevva Achieves Impressive Results in Range Test

London, UK – Tevva, a leading manufacturer of battery-electric and hydrogen-electric vehicles, recently conducted a successful range test of its dual-energy prototype truck. The test was carried out by four Tevva engineers, who drove more than 1,000 km from Tevva’s London headquarters to Berwick-on-Tweed, England’s northernmost town.

During the return journey, the truck covered almost 350 miles without stopping for recharging, thanks to its hydrogen fuel cell that tops up the lithium battery when needed. The test took place in freezing conditions, which provided valuable data on the vehicle’s performance in challenging weather.

Tevva's Revolutionary Hydrogen-Electric Truck Achieves Impressive Range in Range Test

Tevva’s Chief Development Officer Dr. Andrew Hagan expressed his pride in the truck’s range, saying that it is a comfort and reassurance for organizations ordering new vehicles and updating their fleets. The company is actively building hydrogen refueling stations to remove diesel from roads and enable its truck drivers to go the distance.

Engineer Ryan Clark, who joined Tevva two years ago after completing his engineering degree, described the test as exciting and a demonstration of the direction of traffic in the hydrogen sector. Graduate Engineer Toby Hurst agreed, saying that the truck performed extremely well despite the harsh weather conditions.

During the trip, the futuristic truck drew admiring glances from fellow travelers and sparked many questions about its hydrogen-electric technology. Tevva’s approach to hydrogen technology involves a dual-energy solution that utilizes the best of battery-electric and hydrogen technology to maximize the performance of its vehicles.

The company is committed to making hydrogen convenient, affordable, and sustainable for its customers and is actively working with hydrogen and refueling station suppliers to establish low-carbon hydrogen services. As low-carbon hydrogen becomes cheaper and more widely available, hydrogen refueling will become as convenient as diesel refueling is today, and Tevva is leading the drive to zero-emissions freight and urban logistics.


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