Tula Showcases DMD at Vienna Symposium

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Tula Technology, Inc., a pioneer in enhancing propulsion efficiency, will demonstrate its Dynamic Motor Drive® (DMD) at the 45th International Vienna Motor Symposium. This event is set to take place from April 24-26 in Vienna, Austria. The company has equipped a Tesla Model 3 with an externally excited synchronous motor (EESM), which operates using the DMD software. This setup highlights Tula’s commitment to advancing electric drive technology through innovative strategies.

Key Highlights

  • Efficiency Enhancement: DMD technology can reduce energy consumption by up to 3%, enabling either a reduction in battery size and cost or an increase in vehicle range.
  • Software Solution: The DMD employs a software-only approach, optimizing electric motor pulsing to enhance efficiency without affecting noise or vibration.
  • Proven Performance: Demonstrations in Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt show significant improvements in energy use while maintaining high drive quality.

Application in Tesla Model 3

To further validate the effectiveness of the DMD, Tula retrofitted the Tesla Model 3’s original motor with a wound rotor to transition it to an EESM. The integration of Tula’s proprietary DMD control logic not only reduced energy consumption but also boosted the system’s overall efficiency. This retrofit is a testament to the scalability and adaptability of DMD in improving electric propulsion systems.

Future Implications of DMD

Addressing the need for more efficient and cost-effective electric vehicle powertrains is crucial for the automotive industry. DMD’s capability to work with EESM is particularly significant as it helps reduce reliance on rare earth elements, a pressing issue for motor manufacturers. The DMD technology thus supports more sustainable and efficient electrified propulsion systems, paving the way for broader adoption in future vehicle models.

During the symposium, Tula’s DMD development team will present a paper detailing their findings, offering deeper insights into the potential of DMD technology. This presentation will underline the ongoing innovations and the competitive edge that Tula Technology brings to the automotive field.

About Tula Technology, Inc.

Based in Silicon Valley, Tula Technology is renowned for its award-winning software controls that optimize propulsion efficiency across various vehicle types. Supported by major investors like Sequoia Capital and GM Ventures, and holding a robust patent portfolio, Tula is a leader in developing breakthrough technologies for the automotive industry. For more details, visit www.tulatech.com.

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