Volvo Trucks Commits to Landmark Deal with Holcim for 1,000 Electric Trucks

What’s Happening

Volvo Trucks has inked a milestone agreement with global building solutions provider, Holcim, to deliver 1,000 electric trucks over the next seven years. Marking the largest commercial order for Volvo’s electric truck range to date, the first delivery of 130 trucks is expected in late 2023 and 2024.

Why It Matters

The partnership signifies a major step forward in reducing CO2 emissions and promoting sustainable transport solutions. The transition from Volvo FH diesel trucks to Volvo FH Electric trucks, utilizing green electricity, could lead to an annual reduction of up to 50,000 tons of CO2. This landmark move aligns with the global shift towards cleaner, more environmentally-friendly solutions and paves the way for future collaborations in the commercial vehicle industry.

Key Points

Headquartered in Switzerland, Holcim is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of building solutions. As part of its commitment to sustainable operations, the company will deploy 1,000 Volvo electric trucks across Europe by 2030, with the initial 130 trucks being delivered to markets including France, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK.

Volvo Group’s President & CEO, Martin Lundstedt, expressed pride in the partnership and the collective commitment to significant CO2 reductions. Jan Jenisch, Chairman and CEO of Holcim, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts across value chains for achieving net-zero transition.

Bottom Line

This partnership represents a major stride in reducing carbon footprint, aligning with the Science-based Targets Initiative (SBTi) and contributing to the goals of the First Movers Coalition (FMC). Both Volvo and Holcim are founding members of FMC, a group of corporations leveraging their purchasing power to champion innovative clean technologies. Through such collaborative efforts, commercial organizations can lead the way in sustainable practices, helping to limit global warming and promote a greener future.

The deal with Holcim sets a strong precedent, placing Volvo Trucks at the forefront of sustainable transport solutions and establishing a blueprint for future environmentally-friendly corporate initiatives.


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