VW and Ohme: EV Charging Partnership

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Volkswagen Group UK has officially announced the continuation of its partnership with Ohme as the designated home charging solution for electric vehicles (EVs), marking an ongoing collaboration that first began in 2022. This alliance underscores VWG’s commitment to facilitating the transition to electric mobility by ensuring accessible, efficient, and cost-effective home charging solutions for consumers.

Key Highlights:

  • Extended Partnership: VWG reaffirms its collaboration with Ohme, promoting Ohme chargers for all electrified vehicle sales across its brands including Audi, CUPRA, SEAT, Škoda, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.
  • Customer-Centric Offers: Volkswagen Group customers may qualify for a complimentary home charger as part of their vehicle’s finance package. Alternatively, preferential rates start from £925, making EV charging at home more accessible.
  • Innovative Charging Solutions: Ohme’s smart chargers enable dynamic charging by integrating with smart EV energy tariffs, optimizing charging times for cost and environmental benefits.

The heart of this partnership lies in the shared vision of both Volkswagen Group UK and Ohme to enhance the EV ownership experience. With the majority of EV charging occurring at home, the renewed collaboration aims to streamline the process, offering easy installation and setup, paired with competitive charging rates. Ohme’s integration with smart energy tariffs further enables users to charge their vehicles at the lowest possible cost while also prioritizing renewable energy sources.

Kate Jeffreys, Electric Vehicles Business Lead for VWG UK, emphasized the importance of customer service and innovative technology in choosing Ohme as their official home EV charger. The partnership is viewed as a critical component in supporting customers through the transition to electric vehicles.

Ohme CEO, David Watson, expressed enthusiasm about the continued collaboration, highlighting Ohme’s role in advancing smart home EV charging solutions in the UK. This partnership not only supports the growing range of electric models from Volkswagen Group but also promotes sustainable charging practices.

The success of Volkswagen Group’s electric vehicles is evident in their global sales figures, with over 771,000 electric vehicles sold in 2023, representing a significant increase from the previous year. In the UK, VWG has played a pivotal role in the electric vehicle market, accounting for one in every five battery electric passenger cars sold.

For those interested in VWG’s electric vehicles and Ohme’s charging solutions, further information can be found on the respective brand websites or Ohme’s platform, ensuring customers have access to all necessary details to make informed decisions about their EV charging needs.

Note: Customers interested in Ohme chargers must have off-street parking and, if renting, permission from their landlord. An initial assessment by Ohme will determine the installation requirements.

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