WAI Introduces Recharge 3000 Portable EV Charger for Emergency Use

WAI, a leading supplier of rotating electrics and specialist in electric vehicle (EV) charging cables, has introduced its latest product: the Recharge 3000. This portable EV charger is designed to serve as an emergency power bank, providing up to ten miles of additional electric vehicle range. The Recharge 3000 sits above the Recharge 2000 model in WAI’s portfolio, offering more power and features tailored to professional services.

Why It Matters

Electric vehicle owners often experience ‘range anxiety,’ fearing their car’s battery might run out of charge far from a charging station. The Recharge 3000, with its ten-mile range extension, aims to alleviate this concern. The product is particularly beneficial for vehicle recovery and hire businesses and automotive electricians who may need a reliable solution for assisting stranded EV drivers. By providing a means to reach the nearest recharging station for a full recharge in emergencies, WAI’s Recharge 3000 addresses a significant need in the growing EV market.

Key Points

  • The Recharge 3000 is a professional portable EV charger with a three-kilowatt (kW) power bank designed to be used heavily by professionals.
  • It can provide an additional ten miles of EV range, helping to reduce range anxiety among electric vehicle owners.
  • The charger has two AC outputs, one 24V DC, and one 48V DC output, making it versatile and capable of handling different charging needs.
  • The unit features a high-quality lithium polymer battery pack with a capacity of 51.8V and 60Ah, ensuring enough power to effectively top up an electric vehicle’s battery in an emergency.
  • Richard Welland, president of WAI Europe, emphasizes that the Recharge 3000 complements WAI’s existing range of power banks, creating a comprehensive suite of products for various EV applications.

Bottom Line

WAI’s introduction of the Recharge 3000 marks a significant advancement for the company, further establishing it as a key player in the electric vehicle infrastructure. As the world increasingly moves towards sustainable and electric mobility, products like the Recharge 3000, which mitigate range anxiety and provide a safety net for EV drivers, are likely to become increasingly essential. WAI is leading this charge, providing practical solutions to the emergent challenges of a growing electric vehicle landscape.


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