XCharge NA’s New Texas Facility Boosts EV Charging Solutions

XCharge North America (NA) has announced the establishment of a 3,500 square foot manufacturing facility in the Greater San Marcos area, Texas, in the City of Kyle. This facility is aimed at conducting research, development, distribution, and services for its central electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. In the pipeline is the company’s strategy to expand the facility to approximately 20,000 square feet in the upcoming years.

Why It Matters

XCharge NA’s new facility holds great significance due to its potential to enhance the accessibility of local EVs. With merely 20 public-access Level-2 and DC Fast charging stations serving a population exceeding 68,000 within San Marcos city limits and surrounding counties, the company’s effort can greatly facilitate EV usage. Its plans align with the green initiatives set forth by the Biden Administration, as well as support local community initiatives and events, ultimately expanding job opportunities.

Key Points

  • The facility focuses on creating localized EV charging solutions that address U.S. energy grid challenges and cater to the U.S. demand for EV transportation.
  • This initiative is a result of XCharge NA’s strategic relationships and localized production, aiming to increase EV accessibility in the region.
  • The facility also works towards the manufacture of innovative Level-3 EV chargers and energy storage devices, such as the C6AM and the Net Zero Series (NZS).

Bottom Line

XCharge NA, an original equipment manufacturer specializing in Level-3 EV chargers and energy storage devices, strives to resolve the obstacles of the North American EV industry through its new facility. The company’s President and Co-founder, Aatish Patel, expressed excitement about scaling their business and increasing their U.S. presence. XCharge NA’s continued focus is to develop and provide cost-efficient innovative EV solutions built specifically to alleviate U.S. grid constraints, thereby boosting EV accessibility and presenting it as a viable alternative transportation option.

San Marcos mayor, Jane Hughson, emphasized the importance of such green initiatives for maintaining sustainability in their local environment, further committing to supporting nationally established green goals, with XCharge North America playing a pivotal role in this endeavor.

Furthermore, XCharge NA has introduced notable products like the C6AM DC Fast Charging station and the Net Zero Series (NZS) battery-based charging station. The company is also actively contributing to the growth of the North American EV industry through its partnership with the Open Charge Alliance’s (OCA) Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and compliance with UL and Energy Star certification for all its core products.


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