Zero Labs: Building a Bridge Between the Past and the Future with Premium Classic Electric Vehicles

The EV Report recently had the opportunity to sit down with Zero Labs Founder & CEO, Adam Roe to learn more about his company’s role in the growing EV segment.

Zero Labs is a California-based company founded by Roe, a former advertising and technology executive, in 2015. The company is committed to a clean energy future and has assembled a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, researchers, car enthusiasts, futurists, and clean energy experts to achieve this goal.

One of the core principles of Zero Labs is to honor the past and protect the future. The company recognizes that classic vehicles represent a nostalgic connection to our past, but they are also endangered and not compatible with a clean energy future. While EV startups can’t remake the past, OEMs won’t remake the past, and boutique restoration shops are caught in the middle, classic vehicles are being sold off at increasingly high prices or are waiting for a future that may never come.

To address this issue, Zero Labs has developed a unique solution – premium classic electric vehicles. These vehicles combine the classic style of the past with the advanced technology of today, offering car lovers the spirit of the past and a clean energy future. After three years of hard work and testing, Zero Labs has created a meaningful vehicle conversion that changes the way we think about the relationship between our personal past and the future.

Adam Roe’s decision to leave his 25-year career in advertising and technology to found Zero Labs was motivated by the belief that someone had to focus on a problem with no apparent end or solution. With his team of experts, Roe is now introducing a new era of classic electric vehicles that provide a bridge between our love of the past and the need for a sustainable future.

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Brian Hagman

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