ZEROVA EV Chargers Earn Eichrecht Certification

ZEROVA Technologies, a premier manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, announced today that its DS Series and DD Series EV chargers have successfully met the stringent requirements of German Eichrecht certification. Effective as of August 1, this compliance positions the DS and DD Series as industry leaders in terms of energy metering accuracy, end-user data protection, and overall transparency.

Why It Matters

Eichrecht certification, governed by the German Weights and Measurement Act, has recently become a mandate for commercial EV charger sales within Germany. This framework sets rigorous guidelines for various measuring devices, including petrol pumps and electricity meters. Compliance with this certification assures consumers that the energy metering in ZEROVA’s DS and DD Series is precise and trustworthy, providing clear energy consumption data directly to the user. Moreover, the certification signifies that the chargers adhere to strict data protection protocols, including encrypted data transmission.

Key Points

  • The DS Series is a versatile DC charger with power options ranging from 60 to 180 kW, compatible with multiple charging standards such as CCS, CHAdeMO, and GB/T.
  • The DD Series offers even more robust power options, ranging from 180 to 360 kW, and is designed to withstand various outdoor conditions.
  • Both the DS and DD Series feature advanced energy metering and data security measures, meeting the comprehensive standards set by Eichrecht certification.
  • ZEROVA’s user-centric design includes features like a 7-inch LCD screen for the DS Series, and liquid-cooled connectors capable of handling up to 500A for the DD Series.

Bottom Line

Eichrecht certification is a significant achievement for ZEROVA Technologies, demonstrating the company’s commitment to accuracy, security, and transparency in EV charging solutions. With this certification, ZEROVA not only gains a competitive edge in the German market but also sets a global standard for EV charger functionality and safety. Its close collaboration with customers across the globe ensures that ZEROVA’s EV charging solutions continue to meet and exceed industry standards.


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