ZEROVA Technologies Unveils Cutting-Edge DQ480 Standalone DC Charger for Electric Vehicles

What’s Happening

ZEROVA Technologies, an electric vehicle charger manufacturer recently established from Phihong Technology, has unveiled its revolutionary 480kW standalone DC charger, the DQ480. The innovative charger will make its debut at the forthcoming EVS36 Expo, slated for June 11-14, and the Power2Drive Expo, scheduled for June 14-16. This introduction signifies a critical advancement in the company’s pledge to offer a variety of charging solutions for the rapidly expanding electric vehicle (EV) sector.

Why It Matters

The DQ480 is a leap forward in EV charging technology, capable of charging four vehicles simultaneously through four separate charging guns. This streamlined quad-charging system lowers the average installation costs per vehicle, making the DQ480 a cost-effective and space-efficient solution. Perfectly suited for space-restricted urban areas like fleets, busy petrol stations, commercial buildings, or shopping malls, the DQ480 boasts a sleek, minimalist design, enhancing its appeal.

Key Points

Beyond its charging capacity, the DQ480 offers customizable cooling systems. It accommodates both liquid-cooled and air-cooled charging guns, providing users the flexibility to select their preferred cooling system. Moreover, the DQ480 incorporates a front panel display with three different screen layout options, enabling customers to showcase their advertisements or lease ad space to local enterprises.

A standout feature of DQ480 is the smart cable-management system that enhances user experience. The charger also includes both a card reader and an RFID system for added convenience.

ZEROVA Technologies is capitalizing on its strong technological competence and decades-long experience to drive the transition to electric mobility. To cater to the diversifying demands of the booming EV market, the company offers an extensive product range, with charging capacities ranging from 30kW to 480kW.

Bottom Line

As part of its global expansion, ZEROVA has established offices across Amsterdam, California, Hai Phong, and Tokyo, shipping more than 55,000 charging devices worldwide. Its strategic collaboration with TCC, a prominent player in energy storage and e-mobility, and its role as one of Shell’s global charging equipment suppliers, reinforces its presence in the international market.

ZEROVA’s founding company, Phihong Technology, brings over 50 years of experience in power supply solutions, providing a solid foundation for ZEROVA to facilitate the shift towards greener, electric-powered mobility. With the introduction of DQ480, ZEROVA Technologies is set to revolutionize the EV charging landscape, contributing significantly to sustainable mobility solutions worldwide.


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