ADS-TEC Energy Establishes First North American Site for Its Ultra-Fast Charging Technology in Auburn, Alabama

ADS-TEC Energy to invest $8 million in sales, warehousing, service, and assembly facility, creating approximately 180 jobs

NÜRTINGEN, Germany & AUBURN, Ala. – ADS-TEC Energy, a leader in battery-buffered, ultra-fast-charging solutions, announced it is establishing its first dedicated facility in North America in Auburn, Ala., bringing together sales, warehousing, service, and assembly in the new location. The company expects its new site in the United States to be fully functional by 2024, expanding ADS-TEC Energy’s manufacturing to include both Germany and the U.S. ADS-TEC Energy plans to invest $8 million and create approximately 180 jobs in the coming years associated with the new site, which will facilitate the expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the U.S.

“We’re excited to welcome yet another high-tech German company to Alabama,” Governor Kay Ivey said. “The partnership between German engineering and Alabama manufacturing has brought many innovative products to the North American market. We’re excited to add ADS-TEC Energy’s battery-buffered fast charging stations to that list, serving the quickly growing electric vehicle market.”

“The City of Auburn is grateful for the trust that Thomas Speidel and his team have in our community, and we will do everything we can to support ADS-TEC Energy in establishing a successful operation in Auburn,” Mayor Ron Anders said. “The assembling and servicing of innovative equipment for the emerging electric charging infrastructure market right here in Auburn will create well-paying and clean high-tech jobs for Auburn residents.”

Auburn, Ala.– important business location in the U.S.

Auburn, Ala., is an important business location in the U.S. Among others, companies from the aerospace sector are located there, including Airbus and NASA. Automotive leader Mercedes-Benz has been based in Alabama since 1993, followed by Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota. It is also home to many small- and mid-sized, technology-based, value-added manufacturing companies in the automotive, distribution, and technology-based industries. Auburn University is a training ground for talented professionals. The crew for NASA’s current Artemis I lunar mission includes numerous Auburn University alumni. ADS-TEC intends to develop a cooperative program with Auburn University, providing students and new graduates with positions in production and management. It will also cooperate with Alabama-based companies, wherever possible.

ADS-TEC Energy ultra-fast charging systems – robust, reliable, and optimum TCO

With its ChargeBox and ChargePost systems, ADS-TEC has developed robust, reliable technologies with an optimal long-term total cost of ownership (TCO). Both systems can be installed quickly and easily—connected to the existing, limited-power electrical grid without requiring any network expansion—and offer the industry’s highest rates of ultra-fast charging. The company’s latest ultra-fast charging solution, ChargePost, integrates two charging dispensers that combine power electronics, battery storage, and air conditioning with up to two 75-inch displays in a mighty, compact, and quiet “all-in-one” system. ChargePost is currently available in Europe and will soon be available in the U.S.

ADS-TEC Energy Founder and CEO Thomas Speidel said, “We are very pleased to announce significant progress in the U.S. Having been listed on NASDAQ for less than a year, we already have a successful market presence in the Americas and now are establishing a new location for sales, warehousing, service and assembly of our fast-charging systems in Auburn, supported by a strong economic environment driven by innovation and growth. We are very grateful for the intensive support of the local economic development agency and the State of Alabama, especially Governor Kay Ivey, and the open doors of the local decision-makers, who have given us constructive support. ADS-TEC is ‘Engineered in Germany,’ and we are proud to extend our quality products to the U.S.,” he added.

ADS-TEC Energy’s charging technology was nominated for the German Future Prize in 2022 by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany and elevated to the “circle of excellence.”


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