ADS-TEC Energy’s Ultra-fast EV Charging Solutions Drive E-mobility Acceleration in Urban and Rural Areas

What’s Happening

ADS-TEC Energy, a frontrunner in ultra-fast, battery-buffered EV charging systems, is experiencing significant success with its products. The ChargeBox and ChargePost charging solutions, designed for quick and reliable performance, have seen increasing implementation in diverse business models by strategic partners including amperio, GP JOULE CONNECT, and JOLT Energy. These partners are exploring various use cases in sectors ranging from public parking lots, retail stores, gas stations, car dealerships to car rental facilities, which points to a highly encouraging adoption trend.

Why It Matters

The implementation of ADS-TEC Energy’s solutions is transforming the EV charging landscape, especially in urban and rural areas with limited grid expansion opportunities. By offering charging solutions that don’t require laborious and costly network expansions, ADS-TEC Energy empowers charge-point operators to expedite the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. The outstanding performance of the charging solutions, marked by a high energy throughput of over 140 charging sessions per week and steady charging power, has led to a surge in customer inquiries.

Key Points

Over the past 18 months, ADS-TEC Energy’s strategic partners have lauded the ease of planning, rapid installation, and reliable operation of their ultra-fast charging systems. Specifically, the ChargeBox and more recently the ChargePost have sustained high performance with up to 320 kW. This aligns with the charging performance of vehicles with 400- and 800-volt charging technology, which means these systems are not just keeping up with, but facilitating, the evolution of e-mobility.

Bottom Line

As validated by customer testimonials and concrete evaluations of individual charging stations, ADS-TEC Energy’s products are demonstrating their full strength in real-life applications. CEOs from JOLT Energy, GP JOULE CONNECT, and amperio have expressed optimism for the future, citing their plans to continue implementing ADS-TEC Energy’s solutions in forthcoming projects. This broad acceptance of ADS-TEC Energy’s ultra-fast charging solutions signifies the progressive trajectory of the e-mobility sector, promising a nationwide charging infrastructure and accelerating the powertrain transition.


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