ADS-TEC Unleashes EV Charging Future

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The deployment of ADS-TEC Energy’s ChargeBox at Marina Palms in Miami marks a significant advancement in ultra-fast EV charging technology, particularly for multi-family residences. This innovative solution not only addresses the current challenges of EV charging in large residential complexes but also sets a new standard for the integration of EV charging infrastructure in such settings. With its battery-buffered system, the ChargeBox provides a rapid charging option that requires minimal electrical upgrades, offering a glimpse into the future of convenient and efficient EV charging.

Key Highlights:

  • ADS-TEC Energy’s ChargeBox offers ultra-fast charging for EVs in residential complexes.
  • Minimal Upgrades Required: The system operates without major electrical renovations.
  • Significant Deployment: First installation at Marina Palms Yacht Club and Residences in Miami.
  • Efficiency and Capacity: Capable of servicing 100 EVs weekly using just two parking spaces.
  • Leadership in Innovation: ADS-TEC Energy expands its fast-charging solutions to the U.S. market.

The ChargeBox by ADS-TEC Energy represents a breakthrough in charging technology for electric vehicles (EVs), particularly addressing the unique needs of multi-family residences. At the heart of this advancement is the ability to power up EVs in minutes without necessitating significant electrical infrastructure upgrades or extensive construction efforts. This technology ensures that a single ChargeBox can adequately serve a large number of EVs, making it an ideal solution for condominium associations, property managers, and developers seeking efficient and unobtrusive ways to incorporate EV charging into their properties.

Marina Palms Yacht Club and Residences in North Miami Beach has become the first multi-family residential complex to benefit from this technology. The property, which houses 470 units, now enables its residents to charge their EVs swiftly and efficiently, thanks to the ChargeBox’s built-in batteries that store power from the existing grid and distribute it at ultra-fast speeds of up to 320kW per vehicle.

The introduction of ADS-TEC Energy’s ChargeBox at Marina Palms addresses one of the most significant hurdles in the adoption of EVs: the availability of fast and convenient charging options. This is especially critical in the United States, where a substantial portion of the population lives in large, multi-family residences, and the majority of EV charging typically occurs at home. Traditional charging solutions, such as Level 2 chargers, are not only slow but also require a considerable amount of space and infrastructure modifications, making them impractical for large residential complexes.

George Barriere, general manager at FirstService Residential, expressed satisfaction with the ADS-TEC Energy ChargeBox, highlighting its ability to meet the growing demand for EV charging without the complications of extensive construction or electrical upgrades. This sentiment is echoed by Thomas Speidel, CEO of ADS-TEC Energy, who emphasized the company’s commitment to expanding its ultra-fast charging solutions across the U.S., thereby facilitating wider EV adoption and contributing to the development of a robust and reliable charging infrastructure.

For more information on how ADS-TEC Energy’s ChargeBox can benefit multi-family residential buildings, interested parties are encouraged to visit the company’s website.

About ADS-TEC Energy

ADS-TEC Energy plc is a leading innovator in the field of battery-buffered, ultra-fast charging technology for electric vehicles. With a rich history in lithium-ion technology development and manufacturing, ADS-TEC Energy offers advanced storage solutions and fast charging systems that are compact, efficient, and capable of supporting rapid EV charging even in areas with limited power availability. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation has positioned it as a key player in the automotive, utility, and charging infrastructure sectors.

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