AEHRA Unveils New Sedan Model

AEHRA introduces its cutting-edge Sedan, bringing supercar standards to the passenger car industry. This electric vehicle showcases design brilliance, innovative technology, and ambitious EV platform, setting new standards for automotive design.

What’s Happening

AEHRA, the internationally renowned ultra-premium electric automotive brand, disclosed the design of its newest model, the Sedan, at the Milano Monza Motor Show on 16th June 2023. The AEHRA Sedan, following the brand’s inaugural SUV model, signifies the company’s strategic move to revolutionize the passenger vehicle sector with supercar levels of design and technology.

Why It Matters

The AEHRA Sedan, born from the same advanced EV platform as the SUV, embodies a unique combination of elegance and power. Distinguished by its graphic signatures, it brings state-of-the-art EV technology to the forefront, promising a blend of superior aesthetics and performance. This pioneering project, led by AEHRA Chief Design Officer Filippo Perini, stands as a symbol of Italian automotive design excellence and aligns with the company’s mission for zero-emission ultra-premium mobility.

Key Points

The AEHRA Sedan exemplifies simplicity, with its smooth, uninterrupted line creating a sense of fluidity. Light and shadow divide the body, while the front showcases technical elements like active aerodynamics and cooling mechanisms. The Sedan, partnered with Miba Battery Systems, targets an 800km driving range.

Constructed with highly sustainable composite materials and forged carbon fiber technologies, the AEHRA Sedan and SUV set unprecedented standards for passenger vehicles. Both models boast double-falcon doors, an innovation previously exclusive to supercars and hypercars. These features contribute to AEHRA’s ongoing ambition to transform the EV mobility ecosystem.

Bottom Line

AEHRA plans to commence customer deliveries of both the Sedan and SUV by 2026. CEO Hazim Nada’s vision and dedication to exceptional design and technology, coupled with significant private funding, have paved the way for it’s unique business model. This strategic move sets the stage for AEHRA’s roll-out plan in key markets, including North America and Europe, with China and Gulf States to follow. This announcement signals a seismic shift in the design, customer, and ownership experience of ultra-premium electric vehicles, further solidifying AEHRA’s position at the forefront of the EV revolution.


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