Alpha Motor Corporation Unveils The All-New ACE™ Electric Vehicle Coupe Series

IRVINE, Calif. – Alpha Motor Corporation has just unveiled The ACE Electric Vehicle Coupe Series: ACE, ACE Performance Edition, and SUPER ACE. Each model built on Alpha’s mechanically adjustable vehicle platform, efficiently streamlines product validation by enabling rapid integration of body and components.

“Since the ACE Coupe unveiling in December of 2020, demand for Alpha’s cars have been overwhelming from both physical and virtual markets. The company is working towards making its creations accessible through lean manufacturing, distribution partnerships, and collaborations with metaverse productions,” said Alpha Motor Corporation.

“The revealing of ACE EV Coupe Series created by Alpha Motor Corporation is the innovation and the future of the EV market. They have shocked the world with technology and design that has never been seen or thought of in this industry. The emotion that stirs the very moment you lay your eyes on the car says it all,” said Ray Yeom of Rolling Stone Korea, the Founder and CEO of e.L.e Media.

Award-Winning Vehicle Design Updated

Alpha’s ACE, JAX, WOLF, and SUPERWOLF electric vehicles were nominated for the people’s choice awards in each respective category at THE ZEVAS™ 2021 LA Auto Show. The ACE was awarded TOP Coupe, which provided further confirmation of its desirability as Alpha Motor Corporation progresses development for mass production.

“A significant increase in wheelbase to accommodate next-generation battery technology drove an overall revision to the ACE architecture. Yet, this material change was directed to mature development without altering the overall balance of the footprint.”

“Speaking to the modularity of the vehicle structure, front fascia and RCL (Rear Combination Lamp) is made interchangeable to provide more options in functionality and aesthetic. Customizability plays an important role in infusing personality that speaks to the user as well as guiding purposeful product management.”

“The goal of the interior was to create a simple, well-constructed, and comfortable space for everyday use. Through plug and play, the users can determine their own level of connectivity.”

“Implementing technical improvements without compromising the vehicle’s charm is crucial to progressing production forward. Digital product development is the future of efficient commercialization for this purpose,” said Alpha Motor Corporation.

The newly updated ACE vehicle dimensions measure approximately 4,280mm (168in) in length, 1840mm (72in) in width, and overall height of 1430mm (56in). ACE was unveiled in a stunning satin metallic finish called ‘Carpe Diem,’ inspired by the engraving found on its origin.

Alpha Motor

Next-Generation Energy Management Solutions by AMP

Alpha Motor Corporation has aligned with AMP, the industry leader in the most efficient energy management of electric vehicles. AMP delivers an all-encompassing ‘Energy Ecosystem’ comprising of eCloud, battery management system, and cutting-edge charging solutions. The AMP Energy Ecosystem is connected to the cloud enabling AI-driven battery analytics. With the world’s most compact battery management systems, AMP ensures maximum battery utilization with high SOC and SOH accuracy. Capable of ultrafast charging, AMP’s charging solutions support bi-directionality enabling redirection of energy to the power grid (home, office, and more) from the battery pack of an electric vehicle.

“AMP is thrilled to have Alpha Motor Corporation on board with their stunning coupe. This collaboration will not only create impeccable performing vehicles but also lay a stepping stone to take electric cars to another level of technological advancements. The stunning ACE variants will be backed by the energy ecosystem of AMP ensuring all-time connectivity and utmost safety,” said Anil Paryani, CEO – AMP.

A significant part of the AMP Energy Ecosystem, EMU (Energy Management Unit) has been engineered to drastically reduce the cost of vehicle power electronics and save space by reducing component count. This extremely compact unit reduces the overall weight of the vehicle and hence, improves the range (mileage).

Optimized EMU package features 70% reduction in size compared to industry average:

  • On-Board Charger (OBC), currently up to 11kW
  • Bi-directional capability; can utilize the OBC as a V2L/V2G
  • DC-DC Converter, currently up to 3kW
  • Supports DC Fast Charge
  • Power Distribution to drive 12V loads

The Finest Forged Wheels by Rotiform

In collaboration with Rotiform, the unveiling of the striking SUPER ACE came equipped with immaculate 19″ CBU 3-piece forged wheels. Rotiform designs and builds the finest cast and custom forged wheels for electric vehicles. Focused on style, strength, and aggressive fitment, Rotiform Wheels are the ultimate.

Leading Automobile Digitalization

Alpha Motor Corporation’s vehicle development expertise is based on decades of traditional and physically intensive automobile creation experience which drives the company’s leadership to bring forth smart and sustainable industrialization methods.

“Improved productivity from digitally navigating the automotive creation process was available on a limited basis in the 1980s. Virtual creation was an up-and-coming tool throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. Now it is the optimal way to build automobiles and by ways of integrating next-generation vehicle solutions.”

“AMP’s EMU is a prime example of innovation that improves electric vehicles from a systems-level which enables users to enjoy highly efficient driving performance and charging. AMP leads the automotive industry with technology that helps to achieve sustainability.”

“A holistic view of the vehicle system and structure is required to integrate vital components into the right position. Digital development helps to navigate this complex process in parallel to connecting people to a new car culture. We look forward to developing our synergies in bringing forth exciting solutions in mobility,” said Alpha Motor Corporation.


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