Alpha Motor Corporation Unveils The Pure Electric SAGA ESTATE™ Crossover Vehicle and Recaps 2021

IRVINE, Calif. – Alpha Motor Corporation unveiled the company’s highly anticipated pure electric 5-door hatchback, SAGA ESTATE™.

“Alpha Motor Corporation is focused on efficient market delivery of its electric vehicles. The company has a unique perspective that comes from experience in the automotive industry and is laying out an optimal roadmap to reach its goal.”

2021 was a year of dynamic development for Alpha Motor Corporation which included the following highlights:

  • established ‘Move Humanity™’ vision,
  • actuated efficient vehicle commercialization system,
  • introduced EV product line (ACE™, JAX™, WOLF™, SAGA™),
  • launched multiple brand collaborations,
  • completed prototype of WOLF™ truck,
  • initiated collaborative fundraise for Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research,
  • exhibited WOLF™ truck at Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles,
  • initiated vehicle production program and supply chain research,
  • received over 1.8 million YouTube views,
  • received THE ZEVAS Award for Top Coupe (ACE™), and multiple nominations for Top EV (JAX™, WOLF™, SUPERWOLF™),
  • debuted virtual SAGA™ electric sedan at Los Angeles International Auto Show,
  • initiated assessment for vehicle manufacturing.”

“Our unwavering commitment is rooted in a system that grants consumer accommodation and access to quality electric vehicles. We are constantly processing feedback to quickly transform the impression of need to the expression of supply.”

“In 2022, Alpha Motor Corporation aims to make considerable progress in vehicle production and robust preparations for future market entry. Passion and synergy of every partnership will play a key role in reaching our milestones,” said Alpha Motor Corporation.

In continuation of the company’s brand identity, SAGA ESTATE™ is introduced as the third variant in the SAGA™ series of electric vehicles. SAGA ESTATE™ is an adventure-seeking crossover vehicle based on SAGA™ (Sleek Adaptive Geometric Architecture). The rear profile of SAGA ESTATE™ is lengthened for an estimated front and rear combined cargo volume of 35 cubic feet. The vehicle is intended to be equipped with a 450 V dual-motor all-wheel-drive system powered by an 85-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack for an estimated range of 300 miles.

The vehicle battery charge port is accessible from the driver’s side and with a projected capacity of 80% in 1 hour using DC power. A four-wheel independent suspension along with front and rear stabilizer bars are planned to equip the SAGA ESTATE™ with smooth driving performance through rugged terrain. 225/65R tires with 17-inch wheels are mounted onto the vehicle as standard wheel configuration.

The material composition of the vehicle includes lightweight aluminum-alloy body panels combined with high-strength steel framing. Aerodynamic modifications are also planned as an optional package that integrates a front bumper integrated air dam and rear diffuser for efficient airflow management. An offroad vehicle configuration features an elevated ride height of 50mm along with cylindrical front and rear bumper reinforcements.

SAGA ESTATE™ features spacious storage compartments, both underneath the hood and rear hatch of the vehicle. The vehicle interior integrates several advanced features, including a driver-centric digital speedometer, a digital center display, haptic interior climate and audio controls, a digital sound system, 63mm diameter (2.5in) center console integrated cupholders and ergonomically bolstered performance-inspired seating, all designed for an engaging in-vehicle experience.

SAGA ESTATE™ vehicle dimensions measure approximately 4,850mm (191in) in length, 1970mm (78in) in width, and 1460mm (57in) in height. SAGA ESTATE™ was unveiled in a metallic deep tan finish called ‘Grace’ and metallic blue paint called ‘Royal Safari.’


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