Alpha Motor Previews ROOM™ – Generation Alpha Mobility

IRVINE, Calif. – Alpha Motor Corporation introduced the company’s striking new vehicle study named ROOM™, demonstrating the company’s vision for self-driving mobility and its digital-driven product development process. Alpha Motor Corporation has been progressing its vehicle production program and currently exhibiting its WOLF™ electric truck prototype at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California.

“The future of mobility will be led by Generation Alpha (GEN A). Alpha Motor Corporation envisions a moving ROOM™ to be the starting point of study into the greater landscape of autonomy, which will be defined by pushing the boundaries of zero-emission vehicle commercialization and identifying a new value chain.”

“It will take a collaborative effort to connect people with smart, clean, and accessible modes of reliable transportation. We welcome innovators to connect with us on this journey.”

“Alpha Motor Corporation is prioritizing optimization methods in electric vehicle development to prepare for the future. Industry 4.0 creates opportunities to improve upon the discipline of industrializing automobiles and the company is using it to efficiently progress intelligent systems for sustainability.”

“Inspiration leads to innovation, which is a catalyst to human evolution. Such principles guide us to ‘Move Humanity’ and to construct a relevant culture,” said Alpha Motor Corporation.

ROOM™ was inspired by the social nature of living organisms – working in harmony, self-governance, sharing of resources, synchronized maintenance, and multi-purpose function. Based on a vehicle architecture with radial symmetry and all-wheel-drive system, ROOM™ is built with significant component commonization in mind for the purpose of reducing waste and to optimize space.

ROOM™ vehicle dimensions measure approximately 3,850mm (152in) in length, 1950mm (77in) in width, and 1580mm (62in) in height. ROOM™ was unveiled in galvanized sand finish called ‘Hue’ and metallic silver called ‘Breeze.’

Alpha Motor Corporation is set to unveil two wagon variants to add to its SAGA Series of electric vehicles later this week.


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