Alpine A290: Michelin Tailors Tires for Electric Agility & Range

Alpine and Michelin, two French motorsport legends, have teamed up again to equip the A290 – the future of electric driving – with tailor-made tires.

After two years of intense research and development, Alpine will offer three unique 19-inch tire options for the A290: two for summer and one for winter. Each boasts exclusive markings, marking the start of a new era for Alpine’s electric Dream Garage.

A Shared Passion for Performance:

Alpine and Michelin’s partnership goes back to 2012, starting with the iconic A110. This time, they’ve set their sights on the A290, a compact electric sports car designed to deliver exhilarating agility and driving pleasure, whether pushing limits on the track or navigating daily commutes.

Precision, Traction, and Efficiency:

The A290’s tires face a unique challenge: balancing sporty handling with optimal range for an electric vehicle. Philippe Krief, Alpine CEO, explains, “We focused on minimizing rolling resistance without compromising grip and driving, ensuring the A290 delivers both dynamic performance and impressive range.”

Alpine A290: Michelin Tailors Tires for Electric Agility & Range

Three Tyres to Conquer All Seasons:

  • MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV: This sporty summer tire prioritizes energy efficiency while maintaining grip, longevity, and range.
  • MICHELIN Pilot Sport S5: Designed for ultimate summer performance, this tire unlocks the full potential of the A290 on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • MICHELIN Pilot Alpin 5: This winter tire provides exceptional grip for cold, snowy, and wet conditions, ensuring confident driving year-round.

Pushing the Limits of Electric Performance:

Developing tires for electric vehicles presents new challenges, particularly with weight distribution and high torque. The A290’s short wheelbase enhances agility, while a wider track boosts stability and allows for a 15% increase in tread width – maximizing grip.

Michelin’s bespoke tires for the A290 leverage these unique features, resulting in a two-year development process to achieve the perfect balance of performance and efficiency.

Exclusive Markings for Alpine’s Electric Dream Garage:

The A290’s tires not only offer a range of performance options but also come with unique markings, ensuring authenticity and original performance throughout their lifespan. This exclusive feature will be a signature across all future Alpine electric vehicles.

The Alpine A290 marks a new chapter in electric driving, where Michelin’s tire expertise meets Alpine’s legendary agility and passion for performance. With three tailor-made tires and an exclusive marking system, the A290 is poised to redefine the electric driving experience.


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