Aptera, CTNS Form Key Alliance

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Aptera Motors, an innovative player in the solar electric vehicle (sEV) sector, has recently established a significant strategic alliance with CTNS, a leader in battery technology. This collaboration marks a substantial step in Aptera’s journey towards mass production of its solar EV.

The partnership, formalized through multiple agreements, aims to build a robust battery pack program for Aptera’s vehicles, alongside exploring other energy solutions and potential revenue streams. This cooperation paves the way for a potential joint venture focused on advancing these initiatives.

CTNS, renowned for its expertise in battery technology, offers comprehensive services including development, manufacturing, and management of battery packs. This expertise spans across diverse industries such as robotics, electric vehicles, and air mobility. As a tier-1 supplier for Aptera, CTNS will extend its proficiency to the U.S., aiding Aptera in crafting a battery program that promises high quality, efficiency, and reliability. CTNS will oversee the establishment of battery production lines in Carlsbad, CA, and will be responsible for supplying the Aptera Battery Pack. The solar electric vehicle in question boasts an impressive 400-mile range, augmented by the capability to harness up to 40 miles of energy per day from solar power.

“Our alliance with CTNS allows us to reduce the risk and overall cost of our solar electric vehicle program,” stated Chris Anthony, Co-CEO of Aptera. He emphasized the accelerated timeline for final battery pack validation, including crucial certifications, and the heightened pace of battery line construction.

CTNS, headquartered in Changwon, Korea, is a major battery pack supplier, particularly in the South Korean robotics industry. Its clientele includes prominent companies like HL Mando, Hyundai Robotics, and Hyundai Mobis, amongst others.

Steve Fambro, Co-CEO of Aptera Motors, highlighted the role of the State of California and the California Energy Commission (CEC) in facilitating this agreement. The CEC’s Clean Transportation Program has significantly contributed to this development, promising to enhance California’s business landscape and employment opportunities while supporting environmental objectives.

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The master supply and investment agreements, concluded at the end of 2023, represent a portion of a larger partnership, which includes a memorandum of understanding to establish a joint venture for Aptera’s battery program and other energy solutions.

To support this joint venture and Aptera’s battery program, CTNS will invest $5 million into Aptera. This investment is bolstered by the Korean grant program and complemented by a grant from the CEC, totaling approximately $10 million for Aptera’s battery manufacturing.

“We are confident that we will succeed in mass-producing the most efficient solar electric vehicle in the world with Aptera and become the leaders of change in mobility,” said CTNS CEO, Ki-jeong Kwon, expressing optimism about the partnership’s potential to drive innovation and sustainability in various industries.

About Aptera Motors
Aptera Motors® stands out in the automotive industry with its cutting-edge solar electric vehicles (sEVs), leveraging advancements in battery efficiency, aerodynamics, material science, and manufacturing. It is pioneering a range of eco-friendly vehicles for both consumer and commercial use. Aptera’s vehicles are distinguished by their extraordinary range, aerodynamic design, and integrated solar panels, setting new benchmarks in the electric and hybrid vehicle market.

About CTNS
CTNS Co., Ltd, established in 2017, has rapidly become a leading battery pack provider in Korea, especially noted for its success in the robotics market. The company prides itself on its high-quality and reliable battery packs, underpinned by a proprietary smart manufacturing system and a battery data management system. For more information, visit CTNS Website.

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