Atlanta Motorsports Park Pioneers EV Fast Charging in US Racing Scene

What’s Happening: In partnership with Indigo Energy, Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) has become the first race track in the United States to install five Autel MaxiCharger DC Fast Level 3 chargers. These “superchargers” offer high-performance electric vehicle (EV) charging, providing up to 125 miles of range in just 10 minutes. The chargers are strategically located close to member garages for easy access.

Why It Matters: As EV adoption increases, the demand for high-speed charging solutions in various settings, including racing venues, is also growing. AMP’s installation of these chargers demonstrates a commitment to embracing EV technology, which is expected to become a significant part of the future of racing.

Atlanta Motorsports Park Pioneers EV Fast Charging in US Racing Scene

Key Points:

  • The Autel MaxiCharger DC Fast Level 3 chargers provide up to 180kW of charging with a maximum 400A output current, fully charging most vehicles in 20-30 minutes.
  • AMP’s long-term ambition is to be an incubator for mobility technology, with three EV technology companies already on-site.
  • Autel Energy, the manufacturer of the chargers, promises continued software compatibility with new vehicles and compatibility with all IEC-standard vehicles.
  • Indigo Energy owns and operates the MaxiCharger DC Fast and AC Floorstanding chargers, providing a top-of-the-line experience in both DC and AC charging.

Bottom Line: Atlanta Motorsports Park is pioneering the EV motorsports space by installing state-of-the-art fast charging solutions. Adding the Autel MaxiCharger DC Fast Level 3 chargers supports the growing adoption of electric vehicles in racing and emphasizes AMP’s commitment to promoting sustainable technology. As more organizations and consumers transition to electric vehicles, track-testing EVs becomes increasingly important for the evolution of racing culture. Providing feedback for manufacturers’ R&D. AMP’s adoption of world-class EV charging infrastructure is a significant step towards encouraging this transition while preserving the passion and legacy of racing.


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