ATLAS E-Mobility to Introduce Africa’s First Locally-Engineered EV

What’s Happening

ATLAS E-MOBILITY GROUP (ATLAS), an emerging global tech company with Anglo-Moroccan roots, has publicly committed to producing Africa’s first battery electric vehicle (BEV), targeting to transform the face of affordable, zero-emission transportation. The firm’s headquarters are based in London, with an ambitious blueprint for establishing advanced manufacturing and development facilities in Morocco – a rising star in the global automotive industry.

Why It Matters

The growth and potential of Africa’s automotive sector have long been overlooked by EV manufacturers, creating a gap in the market that ATLAS aims to fill. Offering a unique blend of British industrialization know-how, cutting-edge Moroccan technology, and dependable manufacturing capabilities, ATLAS intends to deliver a competitively priced, all-electric vehicle, embodying Moroccan design and character. Initial focus will be on Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) markets, with production set to commence in 2026.

Key Points

The brainchild of Mohammed Yehya EL BAKKALI and Mohammed Hicham SENHAJI HANNOUN, ATLAS brings together visionary thinking and a strategic comprehension of the emerging markets’ need for practical, tangible, and viable solutions, particularly where EV infrastructure is scant or non-existent. Apart from pioneering electric vehicles, the group plans to extend their footprint into the development of advanced range-enhancing technology, battery, and charging networks. Further specifics about these technologies will be made public in the near future.

In the coming weeks, ATLAS is set to announce a diverse advisory board featuring globally acclaimed experts across multiple sectors, including key figures from the automotive industry.

Bottom Line

ATLAS’s co-founders stress the importance of Africa in the EV transition. EL BAKKALI, the CEO, stated that ATLAS was created to exploit the Moroccan spirit of enterprise and tech creativity, coupled with the country’s long-standing reputation for excellence in vehicle manufacturing. The ultimate goal is to produce a vehicle that offers not just enterprise value but also environmental and social benefits to Africa and beyond.

SENHAJI HANNOUN, the CTO, affirmed that ATLAS aims to go beyond just producing EVs. Instead, the company aspires to play a key role in a comprehensive solution that yields sustainable economic and environmental benefits for Africa and the world. Backed by their global partners, ATLAS is poised to create a strategic roadmap encompassing advanced range-enhancing technologies, battery, and charging infrastructure, aimed at making zero-emission mobility an accessible option for everyone.


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