Audi Expands Charging Hub Network with New Berlin Location

What’s Happening: Audi is partnering with a local company, Frischeparadies, to open its third charging hub in Berlin. This follows the success of its charging hubs in Nuremberg and Zurich. The Berlin location will use Frischeparadies’ power connection to supply the Audi charging hub, with both parties sharing a power line on a needs- and load-oriented basis.

Why It Matters: This expansion demonstrates Audi’s commitment to making electric vehicle (EV) charging more accessible and sustainable. By partnering with local businesses and utilizing existing power infrastructures, Audi can offer quick-charging options in urban areas without placing undue strain on the power grid.

Audi Charging Hub

Key Points:

  • The charging hub will feature second-life batteries from dismantled Audi test vehicles, providing a sustainable quick-charging solution.
  • Audi’s in-house developed dynamic load control system ensures efficient use of existing power infrastructure.
  • Positive response at Nuremberg and Zurich sites indicates strong demand for urban quick-charging solutions.

Bottom Line: Audi’s smart charging concept is proving successful, with high customer return rates and increasing usage at its existing charging hubs. The Berlin location showcases the company’s ability to partner with local businesses and adapt to existing infrastructure, while also working towards further energy optimization. This approach supports the shift towards urban charging solutions as opposed to home-based options, making EV charging more accessible and sustainable for a wider audience.


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