Audi Launches First Electric Vehicle Charging Hub in Austria, Strengthening Its Global Infrastructure

Audi continues its global expansion by unveiling a high-performing, customer-friendly charging hub in Salzburg, Austria. The hub, known for its unique infrastructure and accessibility, boosts the local EV charging network while enhancing the e-mobility experience for all users.

What’s Happening

Audi has inaugurated its first electric vehicle (EV) charging hub in Austria, marking a significant milestone in its global expansion. Following the successful rollout of hubs in Nuremberg, Berlin, and Zurich, the latest Salzburg location will provide a premium quick-charging station to the brand’s customer base. The hub’s location next to MOONCITY, Salzburg’s competence and experience center for new and electric mobility, will ensure an enhanced and seamless charging experience for customers.

Why It Matters

Audi’s expansion of its charging infrastructure is a strategic step in advancing the success of e-mobility in Europe and globally. As stated by Audi CEO Markus Duesmann, this initiative is a crucial task for both politics and the industry. The brand’s innovative charging hubs supplement the public charging infrastructure, ensuring reliable and quick charging for EVs in high-demand urban areas.

Key Points

The Salzburg Audi charging hub stands out with its unique “charging cubes” concept, modular containers housing refurbished lithium-ion batteries from disassembled Audi development vehicles. These ‘second-life’ batteries significantly reduce the strain on the local grid capacity and do not require elaborate infrastructure, making it a sustainable and efficient solution.

This charging hub boasts four charging points, each offering a high output of up to 320 kW, even when all are in use simultaneously. The hub is designed to ensure barrier-free accessibility, with easy-to-use payment systems, adaptive charging cables, and spacious dimensions for a seamless charging experience.

Bottom Line

Audi’s charging hubs cater to all EV drivers, regardless of the make of their vehicle, provided it is equipped with a CCS charging port. Audi customers can reserve charging slots via the myAudi app, ensuring a no-wait charging experience. Figures from Nuremberg and Zurich showcase the high adoption rate of this urban quick-charging concept, reinforcing Audi’s confidence in the successful continuation of this initiative in Salzburg.

Audi’s partnership with MOON POWER for project management, purchasing electricity, and running the billing system ensures smooth operations. With this successful launch, Audi continues to pave the way for accessible, efficient, and premium e-mobility solutions.


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