Autel Energy Expands into Middle East and Africa with Comprehensive New Energy Solution

What’s Happening

Autel Energy, a frontrunner in the global electric vehicle (EV) charging and new energy solutions market, has announced its strategic expansion into the Middle East and Africa. This initiative is part of Autel’s ongoing commitment to promoting sustainable and green energy practices.

Why It Matters

The entry of Autel Energy into these regions signifies the company’s ambition to further its influence in the global EV charging industry. With a reputation for introducing advanced, high-performing, and user-friendly products, Autel’s expansion could significantly accelerate the adoption of EV charging solutions in the Middle East and Africa.

Key Points

Autel Energy’s line-up of EV charging products, including the MaxiCharger AC Elite, AC Ultra, and DC Compact, have made substantial inroads in several markets due to their performance, safety, and convenience. These products, designed for both residential and commercial use, are well-suited to meet the diverse charging needs of these rapidly developing regions.

As part of their expansion strategy, Autel will be participating in the RAX (The 27th International Exhibition in Israel for Electrical Engineering, Control, Instrumentation, Automation, Pneumatics, Lighting Systems, Energy and Energy Efficiency) on May 2-4, 2023, at Expo Tel Aviv. The company will also be a key participant in the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from May 29-31, 2023. These events will offer Autel the opportunity to showcase its EV charging products and interact with potential customers.

Autel’s new energy solution, which includes the MaxiCharger AC Elite, AC Ultra, and DC Compact, provides various charging options customizable to specific requirements. This one-stop solution aims to promote sustainability while offering efficient and cost-effective solutions for customers.

Bottom Line

As Claire Zuo, Director of Autel Energy IMEA, shared, the company’s entry into the Middle East and Africa is driven by the belief that their competitive EV chargers will ease the region’s transition to electric transportation. The rising demand for clean and sustainable energy solutions in these regions positions Autel Energy to become a significant player in the EV charging industry with its comprehensive one-stop energy solution.


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