Autel Energy Partners with Orange Charging to Boost EV Charging Solutions in The Netherlands

Autel Energy expands its reach in the EV charging market through a strategic partnership with Dutch-based company, Orange Charging. This collaboration promises to accelerate the accessibility and adoption of electric vehicles in the Netherlands and Belgium.

What’s Happening

In a strategic move to strengthen their presence in the European electric vehicle (EV) charging market, Autel Energy has announced an official partnership with Orange Charging, a leading provider of EV charging solutions in the Netherlands. This partnership will extend the companies’ capacity to meet rising EV charging demands in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

Why It Matters

This collaboration has significant implications for the Benelux market. As stated by Ting Cai, CEO of Autel Europe, “In conjunction with Orange Charging, we are in a prime position to cater to the Benelux market. Both in the Netherlands and Belgium, Orange Charging has well-equipped offices and training facilities for installers, robust sales teams, and a broad customer base spanning various industries.” This partnership signifies an important step towards creating a more sustainable future by promoting the use of electric vehicles.

Key Points

Jasper Boogert, General Manager of Orange Charging, emphasizes the company’s commitment to facilitating the transition to electric vehicles. The collaboration with Autel enriches Orange Charging’s range of EV solutions, adding a lineup of fast, reliable, and user-friendly chargers to their portfolio.

Autel Energy has an impressive track record in the automotive aftermarket, with 19 years of industry expertise under its belt. Known for their rigorous testing procedures and deep understanding of automobiles, Autel prides itself on producing high-quality EV chargers focused on reliability, design, convenience, and intelligence.

Bottom Line

This partnership between Autel Energy and Orange Charging represents a significant step in the expansion and adoption of EV charging solutions in the Benelux region. The companies’ combined expertise and resources will enable them to cater to a larger segment of the market, driving the region towards a greener future through increased adoption of electric vehicles.


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