Autel Launches New MaxiCharger DC Compact Worldwide

SHENZHEN, China – Autel has launched the MaxiCharger DC Compact, an innovative electric vehicle DC charger. The charger provides up to 40kW of DC power for the U.S. version and 47kW of power for the European version.

The MaxiCharger DC Compact comes with two charging cables, allowing two vehicles to charge simultaneously with dynamic power distribution. It is sleek and compact with a 21.5-inch LCD touchscreen for user-friendly interaction and advertising capability. The charger can be hung on a wall, placed on a pedestal, or set on wheels for ultimate portability.

The MaxiCharger DC Compact is perfect for businesses wanting to provide their customers with a quick top-up charge option without breaking the bank on a DC Fast charger. It is also an excellent option for commercial fleets that need a slower DC charge for their fleet vehicles to charge overnight.

“This is an exciting launch for Autel as we establish ourselves as the worldwide leader in electric vehicle charging,” said Kelvin Cao, Vice President of Global Marketing at Autel. “The MaxiCharger DC Compact is small in size but a powerful addition to our growing portfolio of EV chargers, and a great fit for businesses needing an affordable, yet fast EV charger.”

The MaxiCharger DC Compact is designed to increase charging efficiency, providing up to 47kW of power with dual-ports. It can charge 2 vehicles simultaneously, sharing power dynamically between the two vehicles. A 30-minute charge equates to about 130 km of range, saving on charging time.

Powered by the smart operating system, Android 10, with a user-friendly 21.5-inch LCD touchscreen and enhanced advertising placement capability, the MaxiCharger DC Compact communicates with, engages, and attracts customers, generating new revenue streams.

The MaxiCharger DC Compact is OCPP1.6 capable and compatible with CCS1, CCS2, and CHAdeMO charging cables, depending on operator and regional needs. With the Autel Charge app, RFID cards, and credit card capability, the MaxiCharger DC Compact offers convenient ways for end-users to pay for and begin their charging sessions. It offers 4G, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connectivity options and supports regular over-the-air software updates with an internet connection.

The MaxiCharger DC Compact is powered on the backend using Autel’s smart charge cloud platform. The cloud platform helps charge point operators view, monitor, and analyze charger data in real-time. Operators can also view revenue and user data, and set advertisements all from the cloud platform. Autel’s cloud management platform allows all operators to efficiently and conveniently manage their chargers in one easy-to-use interface.


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