Automotive Testing – Keeping Pace with Electrification (Part Two)

As the automotive industry rapidly transitions to eMobility, Link Engineering is keeping pace with its customer’s needs by providing testing solutions that support this new technology. In part two of our conversation with Adam Link, we discuss how his company is responding to the changes in the automotive segment and how Link Engineering is handling the specific needs of its EV customers.

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Electrification: Adjusting to Customer Pace

Nikola Corporation and Link Engineering Company recently collaborated to validate a Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) model against Road Load Data (RLDA) collected from an instrumented vehicle on a proving ground. The test required extensive instrumentation to collect data that would accurately reflect the effects typical and atypical roads have on a truck and its components. This data is then used for simulations and predictive modeling. Given the tight timeline, LINK was required to complete the vehicle instrumentation work within just two weeks.

About Link

Link Engineering Company is focused on advancing testing technology for the growing demands and needs of the E-mobility field. Through advancements in the E-Mobility sector in automotive, and beyond, LINK has been a close testing partner and able to quickly adapt equipment and testing services to meet the new needs of our customers. With universal experience with vehicle OEMs, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 component suppliers, LINK has the wealth of knowledge and testing expertise to get the job done.

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