BAE Systems Propels Toronto’s Transition to Green Transit

BAE Systems, a global front-runner in heavy-duty electric propulsion, has recently disclosed that they will be furnishing up to 541 Gen3 electric power and propulsion systems for Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC) latest battery-electric buses. This deployment aligns with TTC’s objective of realizing a zero-emission fleet and supports their ongoing effort to boost eco-friendly public transport.

Why It Matters

This initiative is not the first instance of BAE Systems’ electric propulsion technology serving the TTC. Since 2006, their technology has been the backbone of more than 1,000 hybrid-electric buses in Toronto. The Gen3 systems not only improve upon the tried-and-true components but also leverage technical expertise accrued over the years. This strategic transition bolsters TTC’s commitment to shift entirely to a zero-emissions fleet by 2040.

Key Points

  • BAE Systems’ Gen3 system incorporates an electric motor and pioneering power electronics, thus offering a unified power management solution for buses.
  • The Gen3 technology utilizes advanced materials like silicon carbide (SiC) to amplify power density and electrical efficiency, consequently extending the bus range per charge.
  • The compact design minimizes size and weight, optimizing both reliability and performance.
  • The technology harnesses a modular structure, paralleling that used for hybrid buses, easing the transition process to all-electric operations for transit agencies.
  • It boasts fewer components and connections, slashing operational costs and maintenance demands, and thereby amplifying fleet productivity.
  • The proprietary Intuitive Diagnostic Software (IDS) by BAE Systems, already serving TTC’s hybrid bus fleet, will deliver comprehensive diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities for the electric propulsion and power management systems.

Bottom Line

BAE Systems, with a legacy of over 25 years in innovation, operates more than 16,000 propulsion systems on transit buses globally. Their electric propulsion technology, developed and serviced at their facilities in Endicott, New York, and Rochester, U.K., will play a pivotal role in fulfilling Toronto’s green transit aspirations. The venture serves as a testament to the shared vision of BAE Systems and TTC for sustainable transportation and underscores their dedication to efficient and reliable operation.


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