BYD DOLPHIN: Innovative Electric Vehicle Expands to European Market

Leading NEV manufacturer, BYD, is launching its game-changing C-segment hatchback, the BYD DOLPHIN, in Europe. Delivering high-tech, accessible electric mobility, the eco-friendly vehicle combines agility and style with advanced EV technology.

What’s Happening

BYD, a world-renowned manufacturer of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs), is set to unveil its innovative BYD DOLPHIN C-segment hatchback in Europe. Designed to appeal to a broad audience with its competitive pricing range of £25,490 to £30,990, sales will commence in the summer of 2023, with deliveries across Europe set to begin in the last quarter of 2023.

Why It Matters

The BYD DOLPHIN launch marks a significant stride in the democratization of electric vehicles. By bringing high-tech electric mobility into a price range that is accessible to more consumers, BYD aims to promote sustainable practices in the automotive industry, contributing to the global effort against climate change.

Key Points

The BYD DOLPHIN is an eco-friendly vehicle, available with two choices of LFP Blade Batteries – a 60.4 kWh variant offering a 265 miles range (WLTP), and a 44.9 kWh variant with an estimated range (WLTP) of 211 miles for Active and 193 miles for Boost. The hatchback employs BYD’s state-of-the-art e-Platform 3.0, featuring high levels of standard equipment and driver technology. Available in four trims, Active, Boost, Comfort, and Design, the DOLPHIN can accommodate both left-hand drive (LHD) and right-hand drive (RHD) markets.

Bottom Line

The BYD DOLPHIN is not just another electric car. It’s a testament to BYD’s commitment to making high-tech electric mobility widely accessible, leveraging advanced technologies to provide a greener, safer, and more economical driving experience. The launch of this versatile and agile hatchback in Europe represents a leap towards a more sustainable future in the automotive industry.


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