BYD Launches DiSus System, Pioneering Intelligent Body Control for New Energy Vehicles

What’s Happening: BYD, the world’s leading new energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturer, announced its DiSus Intelligent Body Control System at a technology launch event in Shenzhen. The DiSus System is the first of its kind developed by a Chinese automaker and is exclusively designed for NEVs.

Why It Matters: The BYD DiSus System represents a significant breakthrough in intelligent vehicle body control technology, improving the driving experience and further solidifying BYD’s leading position in the global NEV industry.

Key Points:

  • The DiSus System is divided into three branches: Intelligent Damping Body Control System (DiSus-C), Intelligent Air Body Control System (DiSus-A), and Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System (DiSus-P).
  • BYD has made advancements in core NEV technologies, leading the industry in researching vertical motion control and providing systematic solutions for it.
  • The DiSus System fully utilizes NEV advantages in electrification and intelligence to enhance the driving experience and provide a foundation for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) development.
  • DiSus-P will initially be equipped on the Yangwang U8, DiSus-A on the DENZA N7, and various BYD HAN, BYD TANG, and DENZA models will receive DiSus-C through over-the-air (OTA) upgrades.
  • The DiSus System prioritizes safety by ensuring vehicle agility and compatibility in most driving scenarios, minimizing the risk of rollover and reducing occupant displacement during high-speed cornering, full-throttle acceleration, and emergency braking.

Bottom Line: The BYD DiSus System is a groundbreaking technology that showcases its commitment to innovation and safety. It enhances the driving experience by providing a comprehensive system for vehicle body control while laying the groundwork for future ADAS development. This system will be available in several models under the BYD Dynasty series, BYD Ocean series, DENZA, Yangwang, and a new brand launching this summer. BYD’s focus on technology and innovation aims to elevate the Chinese new energy vehicle industry on a global scale and contribute to a better life through technological advancements.


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