China: Fast-Charging Future for EV Trucks

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BorgWarner, Goodman Group, Windrose Technology, and Decathlon have embarked on a collaborative venture to develop a 960kW fast-charging infrastructure for electric long-haul trucks in China, marking a significant stride towards enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of logistics operations. This partnership aims to address the increasing demand for decarbonizing supply chains, showcasing a commitment to advancing cleaner transportation solutions.

Key Highlights:

  • Development of a 960kW fast-charging infrastructure for electric trucks.
  • Partnership includes industry leaders BorgWarner, Goodman Group, Windrose Technology, and Decathlon.
  • First project to be implemented at a Decathlon-operated warehouse in China.
  • Initiative supports Decathlon’s strategy for low carbon logistics.
  • Windrose’s new generation trucks boast a 729kWh battery with a 600 km range.
  • BorgWarner’s 960kW liquid-cooled charger dramatically reduces charging times.
China: Fast-Charging Future for EV Trucks

The collaboration leverages the strengths of each partner to create a pioneering charging solution that enables Windrose’s electric trucks to regain approximately 400km of range in less than 36 minutes. This initiative is not only a leap forward in making electric long-haul transportation more viable but also plays a crucial role in Decathlon China’s decarbonization efforts.

Goodman Group, a global industrial real estate leader, is facilitating this advancement by integrating the charging infrastructure within its property network, thereby enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of logistics services. Windrose Technology contributes with its cutting-edge electric truck technology, designed for zero-emission long-haul operations, equipped with a high-voltage fast charging platform.

This initiative is set to commence with a pilot charging station at Goodman Citylink near Beijing in the first half of 2024, demonstrating the collaborative effort to accelerate the transition towards a cleaner, more efficient logistics industry. BorgWarner brings to the table its expertise in high-power charging technology, showcasing a commitment to innovation in sustainable vehicle solutions.

Wen Han, CEO of Windrose, highlighted the vision and collaboration spirit, stating, “We recognize that we can only achieve this by standing on the shoulder of giants, thus truly fortunate to be working with industry leaders such as Decathlon, Goodman Group, and BorgWarner.”

This partnership not only signifies a step forward in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in logistics but also sets a benchmark for the development of fast-charging infrastructure, aiming to alleviate common challenges associated with EV truck operations, such as long charging times and limited range.

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